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Syed wrote at 30-09-2014 1:29 pm:

 Gross injustice
:right infront of all concerned injustice done to a section of retires whereas Union and association reps were silent spectators even during eighth and nineth bipartite settlements. They have moral as well as obligation to their own erstwhile loyal members. High time they act transperantly.

Shripad Gudi wrote at 30-09-2014 12:37 pm:

 In response to the "Comments" to Mr. Dhanabalan's anguish on behalf of 7th B.P. Pensioners dtd. 30.09.2014
Everything stated therein is correct. But the Pensioners' Federation went on delaying the issue by not approaching the judiciary immediately on noticing the denial of pension at 50% of the actual salary drawn by those who retired between 1.2.1984 and 31.12.1985. Please read the SC Judgment dated 23.2.1989 in W.P.(Civil)No.305/1987. Had the issue been raised by the SBI Pensioners' Federation pointing out against the diluted implementation right then, no SBI pensioner leave alone 7th B.P. all the pensioners including 8th B.P., 9th B.P. etc would have had to suffer partial holding of pension restricted to previous scales or 40% of the substantive pay. The past is past. I ardently hope that the Federation will at least be now transparent, share all the developments from time to time and take all steps with all the energy at its command to ensure that the settled laws on pension are honoured by the SBI without leaning on to three retiral benefits etc. Please do not raise hopes among the pensioners about up-datation etc. The existing provisions if implemented without dilution will bring considerable relief to all the pensioners. I wish all the best to the Federation.

dhanabalan a wrote at 30-09-2014 12:32 pm:

 7th bipartiteretirees
It is not my intention to blame anyone excepting ourselves. Earlier I have expressed the same opinion. I appreciate the commentator for having brought to light how we have been cheated. My only apprehension is that no more expectation from such organisation. I am not misusing the forum for my personal benefit. Views and criticism are not well taken. All the best

PRADIP KUMAR BASU wrote at 30-09-2014 12:31 pm:

 Family Pension Of a deceased Officer of Basic Pay Rs.16,405.00
An State Bank Officer of Basic (Pension) 16405 retired on or after Dec'2011 & become died what will be the family pension fixed for his bereaved spouse as on to-day ?

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 30-09-2014 8:36 am:

 7th Bipartite and pre-2002 pensioners
The basic issues faced by the Bank Pensioners are: 1.Denial of pension to eligible CRS based/Resigned ones: Supreme Court has already passed a verdict in their favour. 2.Non revision of basic pension for the 7th bi partitie pensioners of SBI: There is a case pending in DHC but it is not specific to the gravely wronged. Irrespective of the the outcome, the Bank is to be persuaded to do justice at least now. If the Bank writes again to the MOF, if it is deemed necessary by the bureaucratic set up in the Bank, approval chances are brighter. 3. 100% DA neutralization issue: SBI had once written to IBA on its own regarding this. IBA said the matter was sub- judice. Now, it is known that IBA has granted in-principle approval for this. Implementation in SBI can be done now. 4.Pension updating issue: UFBU supports the issue.

dhanabalan a wrote at 30-09-2014 6:58 am:

 penseioners plight
Thanks to the commentators view and guidance. Please expedite your efforts to secure the benefits to 30000 7thbipartite retirees.Aleady 17 yrs have goneby.
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
The damage to the cause of 30k 7th Bipartite pensioners, was done while celebrating the historic victory of the 8th Bipartite settlement, in 2006. Even the 8th Bipartite pensioners got revised pension only from 1st May, 2005, and not from 1st Nov, 2002. This was the handiwork of the two working employees' Federations and not our Pensioners' Federation. Again, during the 9th Bipartite, they had promised to ensure redressal of the pensioners' grievances, but they failed to keep the promises. We think that we pensioners should know these facts, before blaming anyone.

dhanabalan a wrote at 29-09-2014 1:15 pm:

I totally agree with Mr.Parthasarathy whom I know at Erode in early sixties and who was as officebearer in 2000 in chennai circle assn. Earlier the better as the present set up is unable to deliver goods for long
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We respect your opinions. You have every right to feel disappointed with the turn of events. But we request you not to use this website for propagating the views. If any change in the leadership of the Federation is required, it has to be brought about by the delegates of different Associations, in a democratic manner. Till such time, we have to observe organizational discipline. We are sure you will appreciate this.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 29-09-2014 7:26 am:

 7th Bipartite Pensioners
It is now very clear that pension updation is a long way off. Revision of the basic pension for the 7th Bipartite pensioners is the immediate need. The Chairman of the Bank can do this if the request for the same is put up to the MOF afresh,if necessary. The Federation should otherwise think of a way to do this at the Bank's level. The court cases will not bring us benefits, as the legal system in our country has already been vitiated. The Federation leadership has failed totally in respect of this matter. A more dynamic leadership is the need of the hour.
Comment: Dear Mr Parthasarathy,
You are entitled to your own opinion. We do not agree that Court cases will not bring us any benefits. In fact, let us remind you, that it was the case in Supreme Court in 1987 which brought the first concrete relief to pensioners, by removing the earlier ceilings, and fixing a new ceiling of Rs 2400 (50% of the erstwhile DMD's Basic salary of Rs 4800) and also introducing Family Pension.
If any change in the leadership of our Federation has to be brought about, then this has to be done democratically by mobilising support among the constituent Associations.

dhanabalan a wrote at 29-09-2014 5:01 am:

 corrigendum regarding 7th bipartite retiorees
The approach may be at taluk level dharnas demonstration in front of banks at the centers in rotation unded the banner of aibparc with immediate effect. We havw waited enough with patience for long

dhanabalan a wrote at 28-09-2014 8:09 pm:

 7thbipartite plight and updation
Respected commentatator
In fact I have been expressing the same opinion in the recent past. Let us stand on our own legs. I only differ with the approach of the present set up. Dharnas and demonstrations should nbe conducted under the banner of aibarc and should arrange for press and media cover. dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com
Comment: Dear Shri Dhanabalan,
Please try to appreciate that as long as we cannot fight our own battles on our own, we have to depend on coordination with the two fraternal Federations, and also with a joint movement, on common issues with the two other pensioners' organizations. Simultaneously, our battles in the Court should continue.

dhanabalan adhanabalanaa90@gmail.com wrote at 27-09-2014 9:27 pm:

 Pensioners plight.
With due respect to the commentators view I am the view that UFBU has the right to represent in their demands for the benefit of existing members when they retire and I do not expect them to solve our problems. I recall your comments that in the historic 8th bipartite settlement ourf interests have been overlooked even though we joined them in the historic strike in 2005 with the fond hope that our problems will be solved. It is now clear that only resort for the past retirees is through court only. In the light of non recognition of pensioners how come iba to solve the problems of past retirees.Please enlighten and suggest ways and means to solve the problems past retirees. With hopes alone we cannot have a decent living with 50% percent of our eligible pension 17 yrs have gone by for the 7th bipartite retirees.dhanabalan
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
The glaring mistakes of the past, specially for the 30000 7th Bipartite retirees, have taught us not to depend on the Wage settlements for helping the pensioners, Even in the 9th Bipartite, the 6.4% Special Pension Balancing Allowance, (the fund needed by the other banks which did not pay pension) which was not needed by SBI, could and should have been easily utilized for solving all the anomalies and aberrations of SBI pensioners. But this amount was merrily shared by the existing employees.
The only and ultimate solution lies in all the pensioners of the banking industry coming together and negotiating directly with IBA. A beginning in this direction has been made by the signing of a joint memorandum by 3 such organizations of pensioners : one affiliated to AIBEA, another to AIBOC and our own SBIPF.
We are hopeful that ultimately our perseverance will pay.

N.Subramanian (Website) wrote at 27-09-2014 4:36 pm:

 DHC Hearing
The Govt side though requested for postphonement of the hearing ,the HC ignored the plea and advised our Advocate to present case . The presentation lasted for about 45 minutes whereafter the court adjourned the case for further hearing to 14th Oct. IBA has also not relented from its earlier stand with the result UFBU are thinking of launching agitational programmes the details of which are yet to be finalised. One side, the court case seems to get further prolonged and on the other side if solution to our pension issues depend upon/linked to the BP settlement that also does'nt seem to get finalized soon. Result- we will be the sufferers and we have to wait for justice for more time. How long is the question? Whether it is Mr Jaitely or Chindambaram, Cong or BJP nothing makes a difference as far as we are concerned. Let us be happy and keep praying God to bestow us with peace of mind and good health until our D day.
Comment: Dear Mr. Subramanian,
Please do not be so despondent. UFBU cannot solve our problems in the 10th Bipartite settlement. We can only feel good in a way that for a change, the pensioners' demands have been included in the charter of demands.
As regards the attitude of the new Govt,. we are hopeful that unlike the earlier Govts, this Govt will get the problems of pensioners resolved by IBA, soon.
The commencement of the hearing of our case in the Delhi High Court Div Bench, and the fixing of an early date for the next hearing, are also positive developments.
Let us hope for better days for pensioners.

dhanabalan a wrote at 27-09-2014 8:22 am:

 7th bipartite bank retirees plight
Whether right or wrong UFBU has submitted updation of wages and solving pensionersx problem particulartly 7th bipartite as their predcessors has created problems and iba is interconnecting our issues with xth bipartite viz payment of 100% da neutralisation
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We feel that you are mistaken about the issues concerning pensioners, included in the charter of demands of UFBU for the 10th Bipartite settlement.
The anomalies created for the 7th Bipartite pensioners, cannot be rectified in the 10th Bipartite talks. What has been included is updation of pension, improvement of family pension, 100% DR neutralization. Incidentally the issue of DR neutralization for pre 8th Bipartite pensioners cannot also be solved in the 10th Bipartite talks, as the matter is sub judice.
Some of the problems of pensioners, like the 7th Bipartite issue, REMBS for all pensioners, etc, can be solved outside the purview of the Wage negotiations. Let us hope for the best.

dhanabalan a wrote at 27-09-2014 2:32 am:

I am not agitated. But there should be a limit to our patience. iba cannot behave like british raj. we are not slaves. if bank managements cannot make sufficient income to meet the reasonable demands submitted in time they too can be termed as NPA for the govt. I am only suggesting to change the methods of our approach to solve our problems.Let us learn from from the father of the nation who led Salt satyagraha movement.

dhanabalan a wrote at 26-09-2014 7:58 pm:

 xth bipartite talks
Please see below my write up at 3.01pm. At least now the leaders will understand that one or two dharnas in jantar manthar will not yield any result. It should be a work to rule right from monday next and off time demonstration in all taluk headquarters irrespective of whether they are in service or retired or family pensioners. Those who expect hefty pay should sacrfice time money and health.dhanabalan. dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com Mobile 9444551949
Comment: Dear Mr. Dhanabalan,
We need not be unduly agitated over the 10th Bipartite, except to the extent of our demands regarding pension.

Gopalji Tandon (Website) wrote at 26-09-2014 6:56 pm:

 7th BP Case in Delhi High Court
The above case was listed for Final Hearing on 25.9.2014. Please Let us know as to what transpire in the above case on 25.9.2014.
Comment: Dear Mr Tandon,
Please go through our report on the Current News page on this website. Hearing took place on 25th, and our Federation partly presented our case. Next hearing will take place on 14th October.

dhanabalan wrote at 26-09-2014 3:01 pm:

 wagrevision Xth
After hearing the fate of Fedrations case that govt still needs time to present their stand I wonder the same fate awaits regarding Xth revision . Let us be ready to meet any situation as always written by any trade union. Dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We urge upon you to keep hoping. We have nothing to lose by fighting despite our limitations, and keeping on hoping.

MURALIDHARA SAHU wrote at 26-09-2014 12:53 pm:

 5th and 6th bipartite penson Revision
Dear Sir,

I want to know about the progress of the Pay revision of 5th and 6th bi-bipartite.

Waiting for your Quick Response.
Thanking You
Muralidhara Sahu

Shripad Gudi wrote at 26-09-2014 11:18 am:

 W.P. (C) No.1875/2013
The case was heard yesterday according to reliable sources. Only that it is yet to be uploaded on the Court's website. The next date of hearing too is 14th October 2014 again according to the message received.
Comment: Dear Mr. Gudi,

Kindly go and check the available details uploaded by us on the Current News page of this website.

C.s.Mehrotra wrote at 26-09-2014 10:28 am:

 I am pensioners
Dear Sir/Mam
What Is Current news ??
Comment: Dear Mr. Mehrotra,

Please go to our Current News page on this website. Next date of hearing after yesterday's hearing, is 14th October, 2014.

nagasubramanian wrote at 25-09-2014 9:02 pm:

 SBI Pensioner,s case
The case status is not known from Delhi high scout website till now (09.00 pm)
Mr. Jayakrishnan,s observation appears to be incorrect
Comment: Dear Mr Nagasubramanian,
according to brief reports received by us, hearing took place in a reconstituted bench of Delhi High Court, and the next date for hearing has been fixed on 14th October, 2014.

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 25-09-2014 5:45 pm:

The hearing in the above case was over for the day as per DHC Web site. Next date of hearing posted to 14th October 2014.

Incidentally Jharkhand case item No.19 was also taken up.
Comment: Dear Mr Jayakrishnan,
You will observe the same news on this website. We are yet to receive the details.

p.selvam wrote at 25-09-2014 5:22 pm:

 7thbipartite retirees
is it fair on the part of the employer to keep their hard worked ex-employees longing for theri due.

dhanabalan a wrote at 25-09-2014 4:26 pm:

 7th bipartite retirees
Mr.Selvam may see the comments to write uo of yesterday

p.selvam wrote at 25-09-2014 2:05 pm:

 pension vii BP
Denying a legitimate thing to the ex.employees by the employer himself is not
seen/heard anywhere in the world

dhanabalan a wrote at 25-09-2014 12:15 pm:

One of the bank employee quotes hindusthan times calcutta that PM is agreerable 2% extra wages compared to govt staff as bank employees is exposed to risks' How this will be implemented we have to patiently wait for 48 hours.Still I do not wish that the culprits may be pardoned by the almighty

p.selvam wrote at 24-09-2014 11:16 pm:

 7thbipartite retirees
let Almighty punish those responsible for

dhanabalan a wrote at 24-09-2014 10:01 pm:

 7thbipartite retirees
Who cheated the 30000 retirees. Many have died. Many could not give their families a honourable living. Many cases. One learned gentlem,an cried from rooftop that the matter is a closed chapter. In fact I suffered by not giving proper treatment to my wife who underwent major operation. Let the almighty pardon those responsible to cheat us. We have reached a stage wherein we cannot enjoy the fruits of a favourable judgement. Many are above the age of 75. Dhanabalanaa@gmail.com
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We share your agony and concern for the historic 7th and 8th Bipartite Wage settlements signed by the representatives of UFBU, comprising of Bank employees' and officers' Federations. Pensioners were cruelly forgotten and dumped. Let us hope, that even if belatedly, justice is done.

Syed wrote at 24-09-2014 12:03 pm:

 Pensioner details
I am a vrs retiree of 2001 and at present drawing Pension of rs 18800 only after 33years serviceand24years as officer
Comment: Dear Mr. Syed,
You belong to the 7th Bipartite batch. The batch of over 30,000 pensioners who were cheated in a unprecedented manner. These pensioners get pension calculated on pre revised salary of 6th Bipartite. Let us hope what the Bank and the Court does, to rectify the injustice done to the entire batch. Please keep in touch.

jwala prasad tiwari wrote at 24-09-2014 10:34 am:

 gratuity enhancement who retired after31.01 2007
Sir. Let me know latest position of case filed for enhancement of gratuity from 3.5lacs to10lacs who retied in between 01072007 tojune2010
Comment: Dear Mr. Tiwari,
The gratuity case remains pending in Kerala High Court. The fight has begun all over again, before a single Judge Bench.

Syed wrote at 24-09-2014 7:29 am:

 Pensioners pathetic plight
At least by now awaken our folks and exert pressure by means of our assertive actions by now. Now or never.
Comment: Dear Mr Syed,
Thanks for your concern. Would you please let us know your e mail id and your pensioner background ?

dhanabalan a wrote at 24-09-2014 6:31 am:

 bank emplo0yees
I wish everyone read Mr.Srinivasan!s practical solution at this hour.Among other things we will know how we have been cheated by IBA and the organisations which held wage settlements in the form of not merging the past da correctly. There should be an upsurge among us. I welcome readers opinion. My email id is dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com and mobile no is 9444551949.

dhanabalan a wrote at 23-09-2014 1:06 pm:

 pensioners plight
It is widely presumed that earlier the govt and now the bank may not insist on their earlier stand due to change of govt. Thanks to crores of people India. Let us patiently wait for three days.

N subramanian (Website) wrote at 23-09-2014 12:44 pm:

 Shripad Gudi's Post
It is not the bank is indifferent. Enough they have argued and submitted. The bank should not ask for time on the date of hearing . Or should submit before the Court to decide on the basis of the statement filed by the PENFED. If the Court can dispose of the case on the basis of what has happened so far it will be a nice end. May be the bank by wilfully defaulting wanted to end the legal battle.Let us wait and see.

Shripad Gudi wrote at 23-09-2014 10:49 am:

 Pen Fed Case-Delhi High Court
I hear that the SBI has not filed written statement in W.P.1875/2013 as ordered by the Hon. High Court of Delhi. Hope the Court will take note of the indifferent approach on the part of the Bank and dispose off the petition on merits.

dhanabalandh wrote at 22-09-2014 7:50 pm:

Let us hope and wish SBI Federation!s pension case on 25th and Iba talks on 26th give us some benefits to have a decent living.

JATAN SINGH JAIN wrote at 21-09-2014 5:11 pm:

I have taken VRS from SBI BHUWANA (05742) Dist.UDAIPUR (RAJ) ON 20 March 2013. Iwant to know about medical facility providing by State Bank of India after VRS. Details of my sercive as below+

Date of birth 09/12/1962

Date OF Joinig the SBI 03/06/1985
GRADE at the time of VRS deputy manager

Name of the LHO NEW DELHI
Comment: Dear Mr. Jain,
As you have opted for voluntary resignation, you are not entitled to Retired Employees' Medical Benefit Scheme (REMBS). However, you (and your spouse) may avail of free consultation and medicines at the Bank's Dispensaries and also free pathological tests, at Labs which have tie up arrangements with the Bank.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 21-09-2014 12:23 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.PMGK Panicker,I shall convey your condolences as well to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.And thank you Mr.Admn.for the offer of help.Mr.Panicker and Mr.Admn.-- The idea of financial and other help had occurred to me and I had informed Late Salil Ghosh that in the event he gets an order in his favour and the Bank/GOI go in appeal to the Supreme Court I intended to approach the 7th.BPs. to lend a helping hand.In fact two such distressed colleauges have already pledged support to the extent our pension might may permit.But as of now,as a first step I intend to accompany the wife of late Salil Ghosh to the Advocate on record and arrange to file the petition for substitution.Only after the petition is accepted can we contemplate further steps.More in the next post.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for your concern and initiative. How we wish more pensioners had your mindset. All the best. Please do keep in touch with us.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 21-09-2014 12:09 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.PMGK Panicker,I shall convey your condolences as well to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.And thank you Mr.Admn.for the offer of help.Mr.Panicker and Mr.Admn.-- The idea of financial and other help had occurred to me and I had informed Late Salil Ghosh that in the event he gets an order in his favour and the Bank/GOI go in appeal to the Supreme Court I intended to approach the 7th.BPs. to lend a helping hand.In fact two such distressed colleauges have already pledged support to the extent our pension might may permit.But as of now,as a first step I intend to accompany the wife of late Salil Ghosh to the Advocate on record and arrange to file the petition for substitution.Only after the petition is accepted can we contemplate further steps.More in the next post.Sujoy Ghosh

pmgkpanicker wrote at 20-09-2014 9:59 pm:

shri sujoyghodh
I convey my condolence to shri condolence to the family of shri late salil ghosh. I woase uld like to knowwhat we have to do his family and the case filed by him . it is yet to be finalisation. in opinion we should continue the case by filing the nominiees of late shri ghosh.our federation has no concern

SujoyGhosh wrote at 20-09-2014 2:09 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.Admn.and Sarvasree-Dhanabalan,Rohit Sharma,A.V.Menon,Bharat Bhusan,R Parthasarathy,N.Subramanian-- I have conveyed your condolences to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.She was enquiring about her family pension and what is to be done about continuiing the case which is in it's final stage.I have asked her to visit the Pension paying branch and submit the application and meet the Advocate on record to substitute her name as the legal heir.Since the Court is closing for the Puja holidays she my meet him soon after the Puja hols. are over.Shall keep you posted of developements as it affects all we 7th.BPs.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for showing your concern for the family of the bereaved, and also for the entire group of cheated pensioners of 7th Bipartite. We shall try to help the widow not only to get her family pension at the earliest, but also to continue the struggle for justice initiated by her late husband.

dhanabalan a wrote at 20-09-2014 12:04 pm:

 LateMr.Sali Ghosh
I too join with some of our colleagues in my prayers for the welfare of family of the departed. I take this opportunity to convey to our colleagues that everything possible provided we have the mind to achieve.I find from the blog some names which are familiar to me. I am interested to interacxt with them. For this purpose I furnish my email id dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com. My mobile no is 9444551949. Presently I live in my own house at Thiruverkadu Chennai behind Savitha dental college on Bangalore highway

Rohit Sharma wrote at 20-09-2014 11:26 am:

 Demise of comrade Salil Ghosh.
My heartfelt condolences. He will always be remembered for his fighting spirit. May ALMIGHTY give peace to the departed soul.

A V Menon wrote at 20-09-2014 10:18 am:

My heartfelt condolences. He will always be remembered for his fighting spirit. May ALMIGHTY give peace to the departed soul.

bharat bhushab wrote at 20-09-2014 9:56 am:

 condolene pensioner
the untimely death of sh salil ghosh. may god rest his soul in peace

R Parthasarathy wrote at 20-09-2014 8:07 am:

 Mr.Salili Ghosh
We are a small interacting group of SBI Pensioners(VII Bipartite) in Srirangam. Mr.Salil Ghosh was the main hope for us. He fought the legal demons valiantly and won a verdict that could have brought justice to many. But the devilish and archaic system of Indian legal delivery procedures , backed by an indifferent bureaucracy and inefficient governance , denied him and us the fruits of his untiring labour. We feel very sad. He achieved single handed what bigger groups could not. We pray for the soul of Mr. Salil Ghosh.

N subramanian (Website) wrote at 19-09-2014 1:24 pm:

My heart felt condolence on noting the sudden demise of Mr Salil Gosh which I convey to his dependent family. He has left for the Heavonley abode without tasting the fruits of his labor. His was a lonly crusade against the mighty for a noble cause not only for his benefit but for to benefit all his fellow brethren.Let us pray for his SOUL to rest in Peace.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 19-09-2014 11:48 am:

 7th.BPs-Court cases-Salil Kumar Ghosh
It is most unfortunate that Mr.Salil Kumar Ghosh expired last Saturday.It seems he was not a member of the pensioners Association who may or may not extend any assistance to his widow.But my condolences to his family.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We deeply regret the tragic and untimely demise of Salil Ghosh, who had become a lone crusador. We were in constant touch with him, though he was not our member. We shall offer all sort of assistance to his widow. It is sad that Salil could not live to see the outcome of his untiring efforts, just because the erstwhile Chief Justice thought it fit to delay delivery of judgement of his case (after hearing in the Div Bench had been concluded) for a long time, and then asked for the case to be heard afresh. He is now a Judge in Supreme Court. No further comments.

bharat bhushan wrote at 19-09-2014 9:32 am:

 pension isssue
updation of pension

dhanabalan (Website) wrote at 18-09-2014 6:17 pm:

 bank pensioners plight
The answer for aibprc. All India Bank Pensioner Retirees confederation. Kindly have time to open the same go through circulars and then contact 9444551949. Let us know our rights and entitlements even if otherwise comfortable.

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