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S K MEHROTRA wrote at 17-10-2014 11:29 pm:

 Loan against pension and medical facilities
The reply of my queries raised on 4th October under head 'Readers write here' is still awaited
Comment: Dear Mr. Mehrotra,
We may please be excused for our delayed response to our queries. Please go back to your original message on medicines. We have replied there.
As regards loan against pension, we shall revert soon. For the time being, please note that no separate facility is available for Bank's pensioners for such loans. Pensioners' loans are available to all pensioners at commercial rates. There are different schemes. We shall give details to you, as well as to other pensioners on this website.

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 17-10-2014 5:33 am:

 Delay in justice
We must claim 'special court' for Senior Citizens.

Rajkumarnegi wrote at 15-10-2014 8:52 am:

 Annual Election 2014
in how many days the election process should be completed
1. from the date of executive body meeting to the voting and declaring the results.
2. Who is authorised to declare the date of election process ,filling of nomination papers , withdrawal and date of election.The General secretary or the Returning officer
3. After the declaration of the dated , Can the General secretary along with other office bearers can utilize the association funds for "A I R " Tickets ( Three main office bearers), when there is no provision in the bye laws of the association .
How many times the general secretary and other office bearers should be nominated/ elected, so that they can not misuse the association funds on "Air " tickets
As the present General secretary is f the habit to use the funds for himself and his co office bearers by 'A I R " only. there is a provision to appoint the internal auditor but for the last eight to nine years no internal auditor has been appointed.
What is the future of the S.B.I. Pensioners association Chandigarh circle in these circumstances.
We seek your guidance to make our association like your Circle association or like Bombay circle association. .

S.B.I Pensioners association Chandigarh Circle
Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
The issues referred to by you, for our observations, appear to be internal matters relating to Chandigarh Circle Association. It would not, therefore, be proper, on our part to comment on the propriety or impropriety of any action of the Association of its office bearers.
All that we can state, is that controversies and disputes are best sorted out, through direct discussions among the pensioners concerned, in keeping with the provisions of your Association's Bye Laws and Rules.
We wish you and your Association, all the best.

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 07-10-2014 4:29 pm:

 Bank's Dispeneries at Branches
The pensioners,by and large, are and dependent for life on some medicine or the other.The principal ailments that occur to me which are lifelong drug dependent are; blood pressure,enlarged prostrates,diabetes and may be a few others.Is it possible for the PenAss Bengal Circle to take up with the Circle authorities to stock at the dispensaries, such medicines on the basis of the prescriptions of the attending physician which would be submitted to the Med.Off. at such dispensaries?Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We have been continuously striving in this direction. 53 enlisted medicines including many required by old people, are required to be stocked in the dispensaries. However, the dispensaries are also meant for serving employees, who outnumber us. We are keeping a constant vigil. Separate records of usage by pensioners, are now being kept. Indents for fresh stocks are also being rationalized. But there is a huge scope for improvement.

Raj Kumar Negi wrote at 07-10-2014 9:45 am:

 Medical facilities to V.R.S retirees 2001
in continuation of my E mail dated 5..10.2014 I may add that the officer got retirement under V.R.S In 2001 and there was no scheme for the enhancement of medical facilities for the V.R.S retirees from 2001 to till date. What is there fault. They have accepted the banks proposal for V.R.S and now facing difficulties.
There pension is Basic Rs,4250/- under n7th bipartite and they have been deprived from 50% pension from the date of their retirement. hardship to those retirees
now medical facilities only 30% , as two lacks facility has been enhanced to 7 lacks for others.
This is great injustice with them .please give your valuable comments.

Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
We fully agree that gross injustice was done to the 7th Bipartite retirees, not only regarding restricting their REMBS facilities within the ceiling of Rs 2 lacs, but also in calculating their pension on the basis of their pre revised 6th Bipartite salaries. The anomaly of 40% and 50%, is however applicable to all pensioners, not just the 7th Bipartite ones.

It is possible that these anomalies may be rectified through consolidated struggle for justice. Let us wait and see.

jwala prasad tiwari wrote at 06-10-2014 3:45 pm:

 transfer policy for women of state bank asper direction of finance ministary
Sir!finance ministry of India issued instruction to all banks in aug2014 to formulate transfer policy so that they may be posted as per their choice either their husband place or parents place .Is there any improvement banks showing in the matter.Thanks

Comment: Dear Mr Tiwari,
The issue is debatable, as to whether there should be a gender bias favouring ladies in the bank, or decisions should be taken on merit, irrespective of gender. A male officer might be so ill or having such disadvantages, that he ought to merit greater consideration than an able bodied lady officer.
However, we pensioners need not break our heads over this issue.

dhanabalan a wrote at 06-10-2014 2:50 pm:

It now comes to light that UFBU have cheated us by making us believe that they are taking up the matter of updation for the past one decade. No more cheating as they have done for the 7th bipartite retirees. Please let me know whether pensioners confederation has been recognised. If not with whom our federation is fighting for updation without any ceiling as suggested by Sr.R.Parthasarathy .

dhanabalan a wrote at 06-10-2014 11:20 am:

 updation of pension
I retired in 2000.As the payment of the above has been stopped from 1995 I did not know it. I could not expect either the federaton or UFBU to make it known to the ordinary members. Perhaps it was convenient for them. I expect at least now concerned organisation to make availble updation for all retirees.
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
Only during the 9th and 10th Bipartite charter of demands of UFBU, have the demands of pensioners figured. But effectively, they have not done anything for pensioners so far. Even during the 9th bipartite, they had the scope of solving the problems of pensioners, with the Pension balancing Fund, but they chose to distribute the 6.4% as Special Allowance among the working employees.
Our Federation is fighting for not only 50% pension for all, but also for flat 30% Family Pension and automatic updation of pension. Let us hope for better days for pensioners.

Rajkumarnegi wrote at 05-10-2014 8:30 pm:

 Medical facility to 2001 retirees
I have received one quarry from one of our reader and that I am asking your guidance.He referred and just want to know the total amount payable to him under medical facility to pensioners.
He retired in 2001 and got two lacks medical facility by paying two months pensions He has some medical problem and has enquired from the banks approved hospital the cost of the treatment,The cost of heart problem treatment in 2001 was under Rs two lacks which has now gone more than Rs.five lacks.He has never claimed the medical bill from the bank for the last 13 years from the date of his retirement. Is the bank will pay him while calculating the inflationary effect on the present day cost of the operation.He was sincere to the Bank and now when he needs the money , what will be the total limit under the medical facility. the total limit should be enhanced with inflationary effect ,so that he can go for the operation. Please give me your guidance
Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
Those who had opted for the Rs 2 lacs plan of REMBS, (except the VRS optees) had been given an option to pay an additional sum and get covered by the enhanced limit of Rs 7 lacs. But the last date for exercising the option has already lapsed long back. Moreover, the option is not available for the VRS optees.
So unfortunately, your fellow pensioner will not be able to get any benefit in excess of the limit of Rs 2 lacs. The scheme is not dependent on sincerity and diligence exhibited during tenure of service.
Any pensioner in this situation, including those having no coverage, should arrange for Mediclaim facility individually.
Our Federation is however still trying to persuade the Bank to agree to extend the coverage of REMBS to all pensioners, irrespective of their mode of retirement.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 05-10-2014 8:37 am:

 Pension updating process
Pensioners in the financial sector in our country have become acutely aware of the necessity for periodical pension revisions along with wage revisions, as done in the government sector. Perhaps, this awareness has come to us a little too late. IBA has refused to do this but has suggested that a revised but more cost-effective way is suggested to them. One rank one pension is the rule that is just and fair. Perhaps the Federations can suggest a maximum cap for basic pay or for DA attracting maximum pay so that justice is done to all. Otherwise, the disparity, already glaring, in the pension on the basis of age and date of retirement will become unreasonably huge and totally unjustifiable.
Comment: Dear Mr Parthasarathy,
You are right in expressing the concerns about the plight of pensioners in the bank, specially the older ones, who draw pitiable amounts as pension. We often wonder how difficult and painful it is for them to maintain their families. The only solution is automatic pension updation, with every Bipartite settlements, as is done for Govt pensioners, with every pay Commission implementation. General Managers of yesteryears get lower pension than currently retired clerks. This is a ridiculous anomaly. Let us see what the Federation can do for us.

dhanabalan a wrote at 05-10-2014 4:18 am:

Federation is trying in its own way to solve the problems of pensioners inclusive of 7th bipartite. I have hopes that ON 14TH they will aim at 50% of lAST DRAWN BASIC PAY WITH INTEREST FOR DELAYED PAYMENT WITHOUT DILUTING AND COMPROMISING FOR THE SIN CREATED BY SOME OF ELDERS FOR WHATEVER REASONS THEY OBLIGED THE EARLIER FINANCE MINISTER. DHANABALAN

S K MEHROTRA wrote at 04-10-2014 11:19 pm:

 R E M S Reimbursement of 1% of medical limit
I retired from bank's service in October 2005. During last 3 years have been undergone bypass surgery for heart and prostat. To keep heathy body i have to incur an expenditure of Rs5000/- pm on medicines.Further myself as well as my wife is suffering fron hypertension and her expenditure on medicine is seprate. The most of medicines prescribed by Apollo Hospial New Delhi are not dupplied by Bank's dispensary resulting these are purchase from market. Please guide me whether price of medicines purchased from market can be reimbrsed from Bank excluding 1% of REMS Reimbursement
Comment: Dear Mr Mehrotra,

Please forgive us for the delayed response. After we are all aged pensioners, trying to help each other, through this website. The Bank's instructions are clear, even if prima facie unjust. The Bank's Dispensaries provide 53 medicines as per list, that too, if stocks are available. Medicines not available in the Dispensaries, may be purchased externally, and reimbursement may be claimed under the category of Domicilliary treatment (1% per year of the REMBS limit).

S K MEHROTRA wrote at 04-10-2014 10:48 pm:

 Terms and condition on which demand loan is granted to pensioners
I retired from Bank's service in October 2005 and intend to avail demand loan against my pension. Please guide me on which terms and condition I can availed of demand/overdraft against my pension. My date of birth is 25th October 1945

R K TRIKA wrote at 04-10-2014 5:13 pm:

Please refer to my e-mail sent just now. Please read Nov. 2013 in place of Nov.2010. Error & inconvenience is regretted.

R K TRIKA wrote at 04-10-2014 5:05 pm:

My wife is diabetic for the last 20 years. In 2009, she was diagnosed liver cirrhosis & is already listed for liver transplant in a Govt. Medical & Research Centre, Chandigarh. She has also developed other related problems - ulcer, hernia etc. In last five years, she remained admitted five times for liver problem; last time in Nov. 2010 for OLT; now waiting for a suitable donor. She is under numerous costly medication. As a pensioner's wife, is she eligible for reimbursement beyond Rs.7,000/-. Thanks

meysam (Website) wrote at 03-10-2014 11:22 pm:

I enjoy looking through your web site
Comment: Dear Sir,
We enjoy receiving such compliments. Thanks a lot. Please send your future posts, mentioning your name, so that we may address you by name. Hearty Dassehra greetings.

suresh chhatre.PF 1330381 wrote at 03-10-2014 4:31 pm:

Shaanti rastu, Pushti rastu.Tushti rastu,

Let there be Peace, Prosperity, Contentment in your life !!
Comment: Dear Suresh,
Bahut bahut shukriya. Aap sab ko Dassehra ka shubh kamnaayen.

Shripad Gudi wrote at 03-10-2014 11:32 am:

 Transfer Petitions at Supreme Court
In response to Mr. Sujoy Ghosh's enquiry, the petitions slated for disposal on 22.09.2014 was delisted. The next date is not known as yet.

TUSHAR KUMAR MUKHERJEE wrote at 03-10-2014 10:34 am:

Amar sokol pensioner bondhuder janai Suvo Bijoyar antorik priti, suvechcha o abhinandan. Sobai bhalo thakun.
Comment: Dear Tushar,
Why did you rob the Nabami ? Anyway, please accept our sincere Bijoya Dashami greetings.

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 03-10-2014 10:32 am:

 Transfer petitions at Supreme Court
Transfer petitions(Civil) nos.750-752/2013and T.P(C) 753-754/2013and T.P.(C)no.755-758/2013.These relate to Madras High Court on the applications filed by SBI for the transfer of the cases to Supreme Court and relate to the single judge bench orders reg.7th.BPs.It was listed on the 22nd.September 2014.Can anyone update the position? It is before the Registrar of Supreme Court of India-Sri M K Hanjura. Sujoy Ghosh

dhanabalan a wrote at 02-10-2014 3:13 pm:

 Pensioners Plight
due to technology improvement and pensioners bringing out their difficulties in various websites and due to the upsurge of youngsters movement and critical websites blocked facilities like 7th bipartite being cheated by our own elders and signing agreements by blocking one years da merger each time and not being transparent eg now it is said IBA was agreeable for benefits upto Scale III level. However I am for benefit to every one . Now it is known through Shri Shripad Gudi that SC Judgement dt 23.2.89WP Civil 305/1987 enabled bank pensioners to receive 50% of last pay as pension. In the ircumstances each federation may place in their website all developmentsm then and there with tranbsparencytransparency

PRADIP KUMAR BASU wrote at 02-10-2014 2:09 pm:


In reply to KESHAV RAI SAINI (Website) wrote at 02-10-2014 by 10:57 am On family pension---
IF it is @15% as told by Sainisaheb, then it is extremely pitiable condition of our family pensioner vis a vis Indian Women of State Bank (actually it can be told as "BHIKCHHA") which must immediately eradicated and make it @50% as proposed. There is sufficient rational behind it.
Comment: Dear Mr Basu,
Family Pension at present, is calculated at 15%, 20% or 30% of the last average salary of the deceased pensioner. 40% or 50% is the rate of pension.

KESHAV RAI SAINI (Website) wrote at 02-10-2014 10:57 am:

 family pension

PRADIP KUMAR BASU wrote at 02-10-2014 9:17 am:

Regarding family pension why after husband's demise the bereaved family will get only 30% of the main basic pension drawn by her late husband ? This means that she will wore 30% Clothes , will eat 30% diet etc. etc. Again while we were in service, the management allowed medical facility for our spouse @75%, now 'OVERNIGHT' how their pension after husband's demise settled at @30% and we accept it silently ? Such 'TORTURE' against our "INDIAN WOMEN" must not be tolerated and must be protested in the proper Forum. How it has come down to 30% . Let us we all unite alongwith our elder brother's bereaved family and will move to the Court or to the IBA or to the Federation, which suits the present protest and proper Forum.
WE all say our wife as 'ARDHANGINI', So is it not legally correct to settle their pension @ 50% in connection to their husband's pension. Again while fixing the pension to an employee, Bank takes care of the pensioner's wife (Also makes a provision of percentage in PF's Contribution) i.e what amount of pension settled to the pensioner will be survived by the two persons, not lavishly but any how, in this Colossal "VAMPIRE PRICE RISE' ERA".
So cutting short of Legitimate 50% share in the family pension and make it 30% is a clean Torture to the Women in this India, which should be stopped forthwith and violently protested.
Our Leader while debating and discussing on the matter often set examples of other institutions and escaped out but never accept that this was their or their senior's mistake which should be rectified forthwith, now this should be taken care and get protested and to be nipped in the bud. Thank you my all Pensioner Brother. Shuva Maha Astami.
This "REGARDING FAMILY PENSION" statement is dedicated to our bereaved Boudi on the eve of "MAHA ASTAMI" who needs our proper attention by this time.
LikeLike ·

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 30-09-2014 8:51 pm:

 Pensioners’ Mail for month of October 2014‏‏
We have uploaded the following file, which you can be view/download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle) official website: http://www.sbipensionerschd.com/

1. Chandigarh Circles’ Monthly Bulletin Pensioners’ Mail for the month of October 2014.

With Regards,

Sudhir Suman Kumaria
Email: - s_kumaria@hotmail.com

On behalf of General Secretary, SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle)

Syed wrote at 30-09-2014 1:29 pm:

 Gross injustice
:right infront of all concerned injustice done to a section of retires whereas Union and association reps were silent spectators even during eighth and nineth bipartite settlements. They have moral as well as obligation to their own erstwhile loyal members. High time they act transperantly.

Shripad Gudi wrote at 30-09-2014 12:37 pm:

 In response to the "Comments" to Mr. Dhanabalan's anguish on behalf of 7th B.P. Pensioners dtd. 30.09.2014
Everything stated therein is correct. But the Pensioners' Federation went on delaying the issue by not approaching the judiciary immediately on noticing the denial of pension at 50% of the actual salary drawn by those who retired between 1.2.1984 and 31.12.1985. Please read the SC Judgment dated 23.2.1989 in W.P.(Civil)No.305/1987. Had the issue been raised by the SBI Pensioners' Federation pointing out against the diluted implementation right then, no SBI pensioner leave alone 7th B.P. all the pensioners including 8th B.P., 9th B.P. etc would have had to suffer partial holding of pension restricted to previous scales or 40% of the substantive pay. The past is past. I ardently hope that the Federation will at least be now transparent, share all the developments from time to time and take all steps with all the energy at its command to ensure that the settled laws on pension are honoured by the SBI without leaning on to three retiral benefits etc. Please do not raise hopes among the pensioners about up-datation etc. The existing provisions if implemented without dilution will bring considerable relief to all the pensioners. I wish all the best to the Federation.

dhanabalan a wrote at 30-09-2014 12:32 pm:

 7th bipartiteretirees
It is not my intention to blame anyone excepting ourselves. Earlier I have expressed the same opinion. I appreciate the commentator for having brought to light how we have been cheated. My only apprehension is that no more expectation from such organisation. I am not misusing the forum for my personal benefit. Views and criticism are not well taken. All the best

PRADIP KUMAR BASU wrote at 30-09-2014 12:31 pm:

 Family Pension Of a deceased Officer of Basic Pay Rs.16,405.00
An State Bank Officer of Basic (Pension) 16405 retired on or after Dec'2011 & become died what will be the family pension fixed for his bereaved spouse as on to-day ?

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 30-09-2014 8:36 am:

 7th Bipartite and pre-2002 pensioners
The basic issues faced by the Bank Pensioners are: 1.Denial of pension to eligible CRS based/Resigned ones: Supreme Court has already passed a verdict in their favour. 2.Non revision of basic pension for the 7th bi partitie pensioners of SBI: There is a case pending in DHC but it is not specific to the gravely wronged. Irrespective of the the outcome, the Bank is to be persuaded to do justice at least now. If the Bank writes again to the MOF, if it is deemed necessary by the bureaucratic set up in the Bank, approval chances are brighter. 3. 100% DA neutralization issue: SBI had once written to IBA on its own regarding this. IBA said the matter was sub- judice. Now, it is known that IBA has granted in-principle approval for this. Implementation in SBI can be done now. 4.Pension updating issue: UFBU supports the issue.

dhanabalan a wrote at 30-09-2014 6:58 am:

 penseioners plight
Thanks to the commentators view and guidance. Please expedite your efforts to secure the benefits to 30000 7thbipartite retirees.Aleady 17 yrs have goneby.
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
The damage to the cause of 30k 7th Bipartite pensioners, was done while celebrating the historic victory of the 8th Bipartite settlement, in 2006. Even the 8th Bipartite pensioners got revised pension only from 1st May, 2005, and not from 1st Nov, 2002. This was the handiwork of the two working employees' Federations and not our Pensioners' Federation. Again, during the 9th Bipartite, they had promised to ensure redressal of the pensioners' grievances, but they failed to keep the promises. We think that we pensioners should know these facts, before blaming anyone.

dhanabalan a wrote at 29-09-2014 1:15 pm:

I totally agree with Mr.Parthasarathy whom I know at Erode in early sixties and who was as officebearer in 2000 in chennai circle assn. Earlier the better as the present set up is unable to deliver goods for long
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We respect your opinions. You have every right to feel disappointed with the turn of events. But we request you not to use this website for propagating the views. If any change in the leadership of the Federation is required, it has to be brought about by the delegates of different Associations, in a democratic manner. Till such time, we have to observe organizational discipline. We are sure you will appreciate this.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 29-09-2014 7:26 am:

 7th Bipartite Pensioners
It is now very clear that pension updation is a long way off. Revision of the basic pension for the 7th Bipartite pensioners is the immediate need. The Chairman of the Bank can do this if the request for the same is put up to the MOF afresh,if necessary. The Federation should otherwise think of a way to do this at the Bank's level. The court cases will not bring us benefits, as the legal system in our country has already been vitiated. The Federation leadership has failed totally in respect of this matter. A more dynamic leadership is the need of the hour.
Comment: Dear Mr Parthasarathy,
You are entitled to your own opinion. We do not agree that Court cases will not bring us any benefits. In fact, let us remind you, that it was the case in Supreme Court in 1987 which brought the first concrete relief to pensioners, by removing the earlier ceilings, and fixing a new ceiling of Rs 2400 (50% of the erstwhile DMD's Basic salary of Rs 4800) and also introducing Family Pension.
If any change in the leadership of our Federation has to be brought about, then this has to be done democratically by mobilising support among the constituent Associations.

dhanabalan a wrote at 29-09-2014 5:01 am:

 corrigendum regarding 7th bipartite retiorees
The approach may be at taluk level dharnas demonstration in front of banks at the centers in rotation unded the banner of aibparc with immediate effect. We havw waited enough with patience for long

dhanabalan a wrote at 28-09-2014 8:09 pm:

 7thbipartite plight and updation
Respected commentatator
In fact I have been expressing the same opinion in the recent past. Let us stand on our own legs. I only differ with the approach of the present set up. Dharnas and demonstrations should nbe conducted under the banner of aibarc and should arrange for press and media cover. dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com
Comment: Dear Shri Dhanabalan,
Please try to appreciate that as long as we cannot fight our own battles on our own, we have to depend on coordination with the two fraternal Federations, and also with a joint movement, on common issues with the two other pensioners' organizations. Simultaneously, our battles in the Court should continue.

Arpita S. Kulkarni wrote at 18-08-2014 4:39 pm:

 staff suggestion scheme
I want to know if there is any suggestion scheme for pensioners, just as there is a staff suggestion scheme on SBI Times. I am sure pensioners with there vast experience and knowledge will be able to give valuable suggestions and aid in the working of the Bank. And these suggestions should be available to the working staff.
Comment: Dear Arpita,
Thanks for a valuable suggestion about involving and including pensioners in the bank's suggestion scheme. You have made a very valid point. The experience of pensioners should be put to use by the bank. Please keep in touch.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 17-08-2014 2:01 pm:

Dear Admin,
We miss your meaningfull comments.
Comment: Dear Mr Raghunathan,
Sincere apologies. The System Administrator is engaged in conducting Aarohan training programmes for SBI employees. Some posts have been responded to while some other posts have not yet been attended to. Please bear with us.

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 09-08-2014 2:30 am:


We are extremely sorry to inform the members

a sad demise of Shri. Eknath Thakur

our beloved Leader of State Bank Officers’ community and the Guiding Force

on 7th August 2014. We pray GOD -

Comment: We are saddened by this news. We offer our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members. The late Eknath Thakur will be remembered for his deeds.

Ashutosh Saha (Website) wrote at 12-07-2014 8:03 pm:

 value of website of pensioners
canIt is my great pleasure to appreciate the value of this website presently living in Kuala Lampur leaving India last December. Honestly speaking . I open the website almost daily >Thanbk you very much SBI Pensioners Association Bengal Circle
Comment: Dear Asutosh,
We are very happy to receive such appreciation and encouragement. Do keep in touch.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 19-06-2014 7:53 pm:

Admin.-Your comment of the 13th.June 2014 on the post of Sri A.R.Chandrasekharan.I believe that there is no confusion on my identity because the font used by me is different from that of the Admin.Everyone posting their views on this site are aware of each others identity as pensioners.The font of the Admin. is different from that of the pensioners.We also expect the Admin. in being fair in removing posts from this site and being impartial which I believe you would like to be without any bias towards anyone.This site is a great boon for the SBI pensioners,lonely and sometimes alone as they are.Let us all keep it unpolluted ,without bias or partiality.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
You will kindly appreciate, as would others, the need to keep this site fair, impartial and free from controversial posts. Hence some posts may have to be edited or removed.

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 07-06-2014 10:24 pm:

 Utilisation of this WEB SITE
It seems this web-site is being used by some of the pensioners to settle their personal acrimony and also to highlight their wisdom. Any pensioner may raise any of his doubts and queries in this site and it is expected that it would be clarified by the Association.
Comment: Dear Dipak,
You are absolutely right. This is the official website of our Association. This should not be used for settling personal scores and discussing personal agenda. One is free to criticize the functioning or the decisions of the Association or Federation. But denigrating or belittling the unity and collective strength of our Association is not expected from wise and aged pensioners. Any malicious or harmful comment will be deleted.

SUBHASH CHANDRA HAZRA wrote at 07-06-2014 5:15 pm:

Comment: Dear Subhas,
We entirely agree with your views and the underlying feelings. It is no crime to differ in views and contest an election. But slinging mud and dragging the Association to Court, on whatever pretext, and thereby lowering the esteem of pensioners, cannot be supported.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 06-06-2014 10:35 pm:

 Elections-Court case
Admin-Looks like a bit of a mess! Please keep a copy of the petition ready,if possible, and I will collect it on Thursday.Alternatively a scan copy could be sent to my e-mail address. I am asking for it for transparency not to get involved in any litigation.I am the last person to spend any money on court cases.Kindly let me know.Sujoy Kumar Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
This is unfortunate and was definitely avoidable. But, trust us. Its not a mess. The harassment caused by the last minute postponement of the election, is indeed regrettable. But as far as the Association's activities and broader issues, nothing is affected.
You are most welcome to come to our office and see for yourself the contents of the petition.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 06-06-2014 1:09 pm:

 SBI PenAss,BenCir
Mr.Tushar Kumar Mukherjee-your post of 5th.June 2014.Without having a look at the petition it would not be proper for anyone to offer any comment or observation.Since the SBIPA,BC are the other party can I request them to post a copy of the petition filed and then come to some conclusion about it being right or wrong.It appears that a panel of candidates are being put forth/propogated instead of individual candidates.After the elections are over the elected candidates may themselves elect the office bearers.Any way a look at the petition is desirable.Sujoy Kumar Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We have received a notice from the advocate of two candidates, who had filed the petition. This notice has quoted an extract from the ad interim order of injunction, delivered ex parte. Without debating on the contents of the petition (which will not be proper too) it would suffice to say that differences of opinion among pensioners should not have reached the Court. A lot of harassment and unnecessary expenses have been imposed on the Association and its members. Litigation expenses on this issue is very avoidable. The petition is too voluminous to be uploaded on this site. Members desirous of getting more information, may visit the Association office.

TUSHAR KUMAR MUKHERJEE wrote at 05-06-2014 8:46 pm:

On receiving an application from a member, City Civil Court, Kolkata, ordered an injunction over the ensuing election process of SBIPA (BC). Personally I am not in favour of such move. Only the advocates of both the parties are beneficial out of such court cases. Even if the applicant gets a verdict in his favour , what will happen ? Some minor changes in the election process - nothing more. But such court case deprieves a large number of members of their franchise for quite some time. I feel that one should think more seriously the pros and cons of it before taking such step.
Comment: Dear Tushar,
You have voiced the feelings of a huge majority of pensioners, who are disappointed that despite such elaborate arrangements, they will not be able to cast their votes, indefinitely. Lot of legal expenses, and lot of energy of elderly pensioners, will now be utilised not against the Govt or IBA, but against fellow pensioners. Who will benefit ?

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 26-05-2014 9:24 am:

 Ensuing Election
We may upload the entire election shdule as declared by Returning Officer.

Dipak Basu
Comment: Dear Dipak,
You will observe that a news item about the holding of elections of our GB & Kolkata Zonal Committee (from 6th to 20th June, 2014), for the period 2014 - 2017, has been uploaded in the page "Current News". The entire schedule has since been uploaded separately.

sabyasachi chattopadhyay, ex DGM. wrote at 05-02-2014 6:55 pm:

 no delivery by the pensioners' fedaration/association
I have received your bulletin no-1/8 dt nov/dec 2013 and I am totally disappointed as the pensioners' fedaration/association have not been able to deliver a single benefit to the pensioners. The bulletin only advises about the case at high court and some meetings at different places. I feel that the periodical meetings are necessary to avoid loneliness and to keep fit physically and mentally. The bulletin has reached my home at a time after the last date for submission of nomination papers papers. So the same faces will continue in the governing body inspite of their attaining much higher age and for no delivery over the years. This is most unfortunate. Even during our service life I saw most of such leaders were in the helm of affairs continuously in spite of no performance. You will agree that almost all the people enroll for the members after 60 years of age and if the leadership continues for a number of terms thereafter, we cannot expect much from them. So I am in favour of changing the bye-laws that nobody can be a governing body member after two terms; that means he cannot contest and you know how election is held by raising hands in the ADM. Therefore attending Federation meeting at different places of India with no delivery of benefits to the old members is construed as availing of erstwhile leave fare concession of the bank. Kindly think seriously in the matter. I don't blame you as the two serving unions are not able to deliver to the members upto the expectations as developments come up in newspapers. Trade unions are losing their barganing power in different industries and in turn losing the faith of the members/workers and there cannot be any exception for pensioners' associations. But change of faces in leadership at certain intervals making rooms for newly retired people specially who were not leaders os associations during service life otherwise 'aaisai chalta rohega'.
Comment: Dear Sabyasachi,

We would appreciate if you refer to yourself as not an ex DGM, but as a pensioner, like the rest of us. This is the difference between the pensioners' Association and the cadre based Associations that you have referred to in your message. Here all of us are equal, and our only identity is that we are pensioners.
We do not agree with your observations about the activities and achievements of our Association/Federation, or its leaders. It is because of years of painstaking efforts of such pensioners, that the Association and Federation has grown in stature. You may or may not be aware that it was because of the court case fought by our Federation that the erstwhile absurd pension ceilings of Rs 1000/Rs 600 were discontinued and Family Pension introduced in our bank. Since 1989, the Association and Federation has made remarkable efforts in improvement of medical benefits, settlement of anomalies and aberrations through structured meetings at Corporate Centre level, LHO level and even ZO level. Pensioners' meets are sponsored by the Bank management. Even Workshops for pensioners are sponsored by the Bank. We have been provided with office space and infrastructure everywhere. Yet, we are not a trade union which can compel the bank to yield to our demands through agitations and strikes. This is no mean achievement.
If you wish to associate yourself actively with our association, you are welcome to do so, as any voluntary effort by pensioners helps it to grow. Bringing about changes in the bye laws is also possible through amendment resolutions. For that too, active involvement is first needed.
It is surprising that you have not found anything commendable about the Association, not even this website which you have used to voice your views. Pensioners from all over the country have however appreciated our humble efforts and encouraged us. We urge upon you to come forward and help us to improve our functioning, instead of criticizing from a distance.

Mr. Bishwas wrote at 15-01-2014 10:08 pm:

 Great Work
Hello sir,

I am SBI pensioner from Banglore Circle & follow your site for the past 1 month. You are doing a great job.

Comment: Dear Mr Biswas,

Welcome to our website. Thanks for your encouraging words. We are trying our best to serve the interests of Bank pensioners not just in Bengal Circle but all over India. Please keep writing.

PVNR MURTHY (Website) wrote at 29-09-2013 10:50 pm:

 sbi pensioners-improvisations in the web site.
Dear Sirs, Date: 29-09-2013
To day I have once again gone through your web site. I am an SBI pensioner of Hyd. Circle, belong to 31-03-2013 batch of retirees under Special VRS.
I whole heartedly congratulate you on your splendid efforts in maintaining your web site. Every minute detail is being incorporated / reported. It is highly appreciable. I hope and wish that all your endeavours will be successful in the future also.
I have got one small suggestion for your kind consideration. Kindly try to furnish the dates on which you have updated / reported the news in your web site so that one can follow or understand the validity of the news. In the alternative you may also kindly consider about introducing index system wherein it can be briefly given the subject matter undr one column and the date of reporting in another column and serial no. in another column more or less on the lines of our AISBOF circulars index which step will certainly go the most useful way.

Also, kindly introduce another additional column above for ph/ mobile no.

I remain,

Comment: Dear Mr Murthy,

At the outset, let us thank you heartily for your kind appreciation of our website. Such encouragement is essential for us to grow. We shall definitely consider acting upon your suggestions.
As regards incorporation of phone or mobile number, everyone is free to state it either after the name, or even mention it in the message, at the end. Many pensioners from across the country are already doing it. As this is a free website, we cannot change its basic structure. We are sure you will understand and appreciate the limitations.

Thanks once again, for writing to us.

Before concluding, may I ask you what you mean by this Special VRS ?

ANIL K SAXENA wrote at 17-08-2013 4:38 am:

 Many thanks for your comment and well wishes.
I sincerely appreciate your feelings and message related to our pensioners meet at GAYA on 18/08/2013, Mr Shah circle President of our association alongwith his team will also participate.
Anil Saxena saxenaak273@yahoo.co.in

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