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Raghunathan.T wrote at 19-11-2014 1:06 pm:

 Life Certificate
Dear Admin,
Is it true that the due date for submission of Life Certificate has been extended up to the end of December 2014?
Comment: Dear Mr Raghunathan,
We are not aware of any such extension. Life certificates must be submitted normally within 30th Nov of each year, for payment of pension or family pension to continue. However, when it is found that some pensioners/family pensioners have not yet submitted their life certificates within the last date, they are allowed some more time every year. Life certificates may be submitted in non pension paying branches too.

Sujoy Ghosh wrote at 19-11-2014 7:58 am:

 CMC Vellore
Mr.Udayan Dasgupta-Your post of 13.11.2014.Have you been able to sort out your problem?If not I am sharing my experience about CMC Vellore.First you need to talk/email the dept.-the gastro intesinal dept in your case.They may first ask you to send them copies of all your recent path.reports/prescriptions medical observation and allied reports and will give you an appointment and when you meet them they will conduct the required path.tests and prescribe the treatment/medication.I had gone there more than fifteen years back for thyroid problem of my late wife but actually there was no thyroid problem and the local medication was actually not suitable which was discontinued and the proper medication was started.My experience was very good.However if, in your case it is irritable bowel syndrome it would be a different story altogether.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
The information furnished by you, about CMC, Vellore, will not only benefit Udayan, but numerous other pensioners. Thanks a lot.

VP Handa wrote at 16-11-2014 2:22 pm:

 life certificate
Thanks sh.Thakare for guidance.I wish Bengal pensioners website great future.
Comment: Dear Mr Handa,
It is a pleasure to receive such appreciation from fellow pensioners. We are glad that the purpose of our creating this website, is being served well. Please keep communicating.

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 16-11-2014 8:16 am:

 Pensioner community
There is positive orientation in the present government's general attitude towards senor citizens and pensioners.
1. Loan limits enhanced to very useful levels
2. Maximum loan eligibility age relaxed
3. Simplification of the process of ensuring life certificates.
4. Sudden change in the attitude of the IBA is perceptible in the acceptance in principle of 100 percent DA for all, family pension enhancement to be considered and the most important issue of periodical updating of pension being taken up with some modification. One can easily attribute all this to the change in the government. Our Federation is requested to use the momentum to ensure decent living conditions for all based on equality.
Dear Mr Parthasarathy,
Let us hope that your expectations as also ours in general, are fulfilled

pmgkpanicker wrote at 15-11-2014 8:20 pm:

 7 th retirees
dear mr.dhanbalan
your suggestion is wide one. I support it. I have also talked in this regard to ernakulam zonal office to conduct dharana in front of zonal office . unless we go for such type of action no one will hear. our federation is worthless. individual memebers will take action n then only some fruitful resilt comes out. please give advise the date thanking you
Comment: Dear Mr Panicker,
We are pained at your observation about our Federation. If you do not believe in collective strength, you are free to organize individual protests, and hope the authorities to resolve our problems. Please refrain from making such comments on this site.

B H Thakare wrote at 15-11-2014 5:01 pm:

 Regarding Life Certificate
This refers to Mr.V P Handa's post dated 13/11/2014.Dear Handaji you can submit your Life Certificate to any Branch vide Banks circular No,CDO/P&HRD-PPFG/29/2011-12 dated 3rd Jan 2011.I am pasting some para of the said circular for your ready reference:
ii. Life certificate in the physical form may be submitted in the prescribed format bythe pensioner / family pensioner not necessarily to the home branch where his /
her pension account is maintained but to any branch. The acknowledgement of
having received the Life Certificate will be issued to the pensioner / family pensionerby the Branch where the Life Certificate is submitted. After receiving the LifeCertificate the branch (Home / Non Home) will verify the signature / thumb
impression from CBS and update the same in the related HRMS site. Life
Certificate can be updated in the HRMS site by any officer of the branch.
iii. When Life Certificate is submitted at a Non Home Branch, after updating the record in HRMS, the branch shall forward the original Life Certificate to the Home Branch and retain a copy of the same for their record.Regards
B H THAKARE Nagpur Module
Comment: Dear Mr Thakare,
Thanks for your response. This will be helpful not only to Mr Handa, but to others too. We have separately responded to him.

V P handa wrote at 15-11-2014 3:39 pm:

 life certificate
Iam drawing pension from a branch at Jalandhar ,Punjab.I am living in Delhi now.Can I submit life certificate at a branch in Delhi near my residence ? Kindly advise me in this regard.
Comment: Dear Mr Handa,
Yes, you may. Please contact your nearby branch and request them to upload your life certificate. Alternatively, they may forward it to your pension paying branch for uploading.

dhanabalan wrote at 15-11-2014 10:51 am:

 7th bipartite retirees pathetic posiotion
I am organising conducting dharnas and hungerstrike after getting police permission in a vantage area in chennai. I appeal to retirees in chennai to get in touch with me to fix up a date and organise. I also appeal to retirees in various parts of the country to arrange for similr programme. As i have been writing in the past direct action by members alone will yeield result.a.dhanabalan 17 shanmuganagar I St.Thiruverkadu co op nagar Chennai 600077 phone.9444551949 emil dhanabalanaa@90gmail.com
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
Best wishes to you.

TUSHAR KUMAR MUKHERJEE wrote at 14-11-2014 1:20 pm:

AGM of Suri Unit will be held at SBI, Suri Branch, at 10 a.m. on 16/11/2014. All members are welcome.
Comment: Dear Tushar,
Shri R N Banerjee, our GS and Shri Ashok Datta GB Member, as also other leaders of Burdwan Zonal Committee are expected to address the audience, and make the AGM of Suri unit successful. The contribution of your team will however be the deciding factor. All the best.

Sujoy Ghosh wrote at 14-11-2014 4:47 am:

Mr.Raghunathan.T--Your post of 13th.Nov.2014.Seatone is a capsule.It is an extract of the green lipped muesel found in New Zealand and is manufactured also in Australia.In Kolkata the distributor delivers at home.In your place please check with the leading pharmacies or make a search about it's availability.Sujoy Ghosh

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 13-11-2014 1:25 pm:

I wish my wife to be treated in CMC Vellore i.c.t. her Gastro- Intestinal problem.How reimbursement could be availed & necessary procedure to be followed by me for the same.I take my Pension from Kolkata Circle.Please comment.
Comment: Dear Udayan,
Please obtain and submit an estimate and prescription for your wife, to CM (HR) at Zonal Office, which controls your pension paying branch. They will guide you.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 13-11-2014 12:30 pm:

Mr.Sujoy Ghoush- What is Seatone?Capsule or tablet? Is it available in pharmacy?


Sujoy Ghosh wrote at 11-11-2014 2:49 pm:

 REMBS-Kolkata Zonal Office
I would like to record and convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to the REMBS team at Kolkata Zonal Office led by Mr. Chakraborty for their timely and prompt action taken in disposing my claim for reimbursement.Thank you team REMBS-Kolkata Zonal Office.I could not thank them in person because I received the SMS about the credit to my account on the evening of my departure from Kolkata.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Such words of appreciation, acts like tonic for aged pensioners like us.

Sujoy Ghosh wrote at 11-11-2014 2:34 pm:

 Old age-arthritis
Mr.Dhanabalan-Your post of 10th.November 2014.The spray will give only temporary relief.I have used 'Seatone' and got longtime relief but had to discontinue because it adversely affected my uric acid level.But I am now quite allright.If you have arthritis you may try it if you are not allergic to seafood.Sujoy Ghosh

dhanabalan wrote at 10-11-2014 7:51 am:

 old age
Recently I visited our banks doctor for getting routine medicines. I have now developed knee continuopus pain for which when i made a request for medicine I was told to get one time spray only and not permanant medicines viz spray bottle tobe used on a daily basis. May be the cost per bottle is Rs.150. This is the way the bank treats us. Let me be enlightened whether there is any limit to the expenses'At least I could have been given a prescription so that I can claim under REMBS after incurring the expenditure
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
The bank's dispensaries are supposed to stock a total of 53 medicines, a list of which is available with them. If the doctor's prescription does not specify any of these listed medicines, it has to be purchased from outside. If however, one is a member of REMBS, one can get reimbursement of such purchases, under the head : Domicilliary treatment expenses, within one's limit of 1% of the limit, per year, for 10 years. For a limit of Rs 7 lacs, this comes to Rs 7,000/- per year.

dhanabalan wrote at 09-11-2014 6:46 am:


at the time of introduction of atms banks claimed that the crowd at the bank is reduced and they can run the banks can run with lesser staff and Rs.90 is saved per atm transaction. I will not be surprised the banks will next resort to lesser drwing limits per transactions and the home bank will also do the same thing. No wonder pay in slips draft application forms are also charged. Banks and politicians do not have the guts to take punitive and immediate action is taken when wilful default is detaected and thus reduce the npa. Govt should realise at the earliest the real cause of npa

Rohit Sharma wrote at 08-11-2014 9:19 pm:

 The dispappraene of the last pensioner .
This is reference to Shri Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 08-11-2014 6:02 pm:
. I say this is capatilsit menesa rea of committing genocide by forceful dis allowance to meet the cost of living irrespective of the fact that pensioners are living too in the same economic social environment and they in fact need much more for survival and if it is not provided by he govt then it amounts to strategically planned genocide of citizens pensioners. Old age does not spare any one.
Those obstructing such gains by revised pension are nothing but antisocial. Laws need to deal sternly with such disparities between living human beings.Lets us pray that something better will happens tomorrow and very soon.
Comment: Dear Mr Sharma,
We share your anguish and concern, but not your pessimism. Let us see whether the future really resolves our problems.

Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 08-11-2014 6:02 pm:

 W.P.1875 at Delhi High Court

It is strange that the above case which was transferred from Supreme Court to Delhi High Court on 27.2.2013 on some technical grounds with clear instructions to dispose it of with in six months. Supreme court in their order clearly mentioned that as the pleadings of the case are complete and instructed the learned Chief Justice of Delhi High Court to dispose the matter with in SIX MONTHS at any rate. Now 27-11-2014 is fixed after 19 MONTHS . Half of the pensioners affected in the case have already been called by the God. I am afraid that the remaining half will not see the judgment in their life time. I think that the BANK & GOI are waiting for the last one of us MEETING our maker. When we know that the case is being lingering on deliberately cant we take help from some legal experts in the matter.
Comment: Dear Shri Tandon,
We understand that the violation of the time limit of 6 months, advised by Supreme Court, for completing the case, in Delhi High Court, was pointed out to the Div Bench initially. But as the advice was not a part of the order, the High Court has taken its own time. Let us see what transpires ultimately.

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 08-11-2014 3:15 pm:

 Hiding of Facts By IBA to the Legal Court
A Strong Case for Updation of Pension & 100% DA Neutralisation - IBA Seems To Be Hiding Facts from Courts by S. Ramachandran
Every Retired should read above article published in www.allbankingsolution.com
Comment: Dear Udayan,
You are right in pointing out this article. But reading it won't change the situation drastically. We have to fight on within the limitations of an unhelpful bureaucracy.

dhanabalan wrote at 08-11-2014 11:57 am:

Let me know from respectable colleagues whether we are prohobited from conducting dharnas when the 7th bipartite federatrion case is pending in the high court. Are we to keep mum when we are badly treaterd by even courts and govt for flimsy reasons. Cannot the court hear the case earlier or are we not eligible to move a contempt case for not completing the case by six months. Really we are like orphans waiting like dog for the boss to throw biscuits whenever it suits him.
Comment: Dear Mr. Dhanabalan,
If anyone wants to voice his/her protest, in a democratic country, no one can object, unless it violates the rights of others. Collective protests are always better than individual ones.
As regards the sluggish pace of court cases, we are indeed helpless. We have to fight on, within the limitations.

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 07-11-2014 8:20 am:

 Bank Penisoners
The pensioner community is kept diligently out of the information cycle with respect to what will happen to their requirements. The Federations and Associations have not so far even cared to mention anything about the modified pension updating proposal as required by the IBA. We request the working employees and the pensioners' associations to be proactive when more and more of the pensioners are nearing the end of their existence.

N.subramanian (Website) wrote at 05-11-2014 6:21 pm:

 Limit --ATM withdrawals.
Ref.Mr NIKHIL KUMAR BISWAS post. The restrictions for withdrawals from the ATMs installed in SBI/ASSOCIATE Bank Branches will not apply to the staff members and as well to SBI Pensioners as the staff and the Bank pensioners all maintain maximum of their retirement benefits with tbe Bank only. If no restrictions for no of withdrawals for working staff it should apply to retired bank pensioners as well.
Comment: Dear Mr Subramanian,
What you have stated, is absolutely rational and desirable. However, we also have to appreciate that many of the instructions of the bank, as applicable to customers, are also valid for staff and pensioners. We however have to verify the correct position

NIKHIL KUMAR BISWAS wrote at 03-11-2014 10:03 pm:

Comment: Dear Nikhil,
We do not think that there would be any additional facility in this regard, for staff and pensioners. However, we shall check this aspect and upload any new information. Incidentally, the number of usage of ATM is 5, not only for withdrawals but also for mini statements and other services. We must therefore learn to be more restrained while using ATMs.

suresh chhatre PF no 1330381 wrote at 03-11-2014 7:26 pm:

Any one from SBI pensioners is knowing about latest version of our official Life Certificate proforma, because my branch has provided me a form which contains a column asking for spouse date of birth along with proof. This along with proof is unwarranted , anyone knows??
Comment: Dear Mr Chhatre,
Please refer to this website (Welcome page as well as Current news page), where we have uploaded the new format of Life Certificate. This format provides for furnishing the the name and date of birth of spouse of the pensioner. But no proof of date of birth of spouse, has been called for.

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 01-11-2014 12:41 pm:

 Pensioners’ Mail for month of November 2014‏‏
We have uploaded the following files, which you can be view/download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle)
official website: http://www.sbipensionerschd.com/

1. Chandigarh Circles’ Monthly Bulletin Pensioners’ Mail for the month of November 2014.

2. Latest Life Certificate form for the year 2014-15, which is to be submitted by the pensioner/family pensioner in the month of November 2014.

On behalf of General Secretary, SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle)
Comment: Dear Sudhir,
Thanks a lot once again. Wishing all of you a happy festive season.

S.K. Misra (Lucknow Circle) wrote at 31-10-2014 8:05 pm:

 49 slabs of D.A. rise from Nov. 2014
Rise in D.A. announced by volunteers today indicates a rise of 49 slab. Official announcement awaited.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 29-10-2014 8:13 am:

 Wage settlements
The Finance Ministry has decided to put up a note for reducing Govt. stake in PSBs to 51 percent. This is being done in spite of strong opposition from the Unions, Federations and Associations. Government does not seem to bother. In respect of the wage settlements also, the government will take unilateral decisions most probably. Let us wait and see.

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 28-10-2014 9:48 pm:

 The big sell out-7th.BPs
Admin. Thank you for your response.We will rest this matter as of now.More later as it developes.Sujoy Ghosh

SujoyGhosh wrote at 28-10-2014 11:16 am:

 7th.BPs-Court cases-the big sell out.
Dear Admn-Thank you for your observation.I am only being realistic.There is a flip side to the comment of the Supreme Court referred to in the response to M.Gopalji Tandon by me-- In a recent CAT case some Railway employees got an order for payment of arrears since 2006,pay revision.But the GOI has advised that only those petitioners would be entitled to that CAT order.The others will have to file petitions for that benefit.Now, in the unlikely event the DHC/SC orders in favour of the Fed. would the 7th.BPs. get their dues from their dates of retirement.Not very likely. You are right about our predicament being quite dark.The 1989 order of the SC,was it suo moto? What was it's basis? Enlightening us on this would raise our expectations.Kindly inform if you are aware of it.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
It depends on the relief sought for in the petition, as to whether only the petitioners or all similarly placed pensioners will be entitled to get any relief, if granted by the Court.
As regards the Supreme Court judgement on removal of ceilings on pension, it was a petition filed by our Federation, where nothing had been mentioned about Family Pension. The presiding Judges enquired about Family Pension in the bank, and gave the order suo moto.

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 27-10-2014 12:08 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases-the big sell out.
Mr. Gopalji Tandon-your post of27.10.2014.I was delighted to read your post.You have hit the nail right on the head because the attrition you have referred to is a reality and the Bank and GOI are only waiting for the last one of us meeting our maker.Shall we draw straws to find out which one of us is the last one?? In the Indian justice delivery process it is unparralleled that when someone has to pay money to someone,specially the Governments or large Corporates they resort to this strategy to wear out the claimants. The Supreme Court in a recent judgement has opined that the normal rule was that when a particular set of employees were given relief by the court, all other identically situated persons needed to be treated alike by extending that benefit.If the High Court judgements were implemented we may have benefited.But that is not to be.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
You may not be hopeful about the outcome of Court cases. But we wish that you do not spread your cynicism on this website. Let us not forget that in 1989, it was the Supreme Court which had given the verdict of removal of the erstwhile arbitrary ceilings of pension and had fixed the new ceiling of Rs 2400/- (calculated at 50% of the erstwhile DMD's salary of Rs 4800/-). The Court had also, in the same judgement, directed the bank to introduce Family Pension in our bank, with retrospective effect from 1986. It was neither the decision of our Bank, nor that of the Govt., nor the outcome of any demand of the two serving Federations.
Let us therefore, not lose hope, though the present predicament is not bright.

Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 27-10-2014 8:38 am:

 Justice Delayed Means Justice Denied.
Hum Hongey Kamyab Marnoparant

Mr. Sujoy Ghosh have shown his fear that if a contempt suit is filed against the Delhi High Court
the unending litigation will start and our main case will go into back ground till the contempt case is decided. He must know when the above case i.e W.P(C ) 184/2011 was filed in the Supreme Court the number of affected pensioners was 30000 and so far half of them have been called by the God and I am afraid that the case remained one & a half year at Supreme Court & the next date fixed by the Delhi High Court is
19 months after i.e 27-11-2014. In this way the remaining 15000 affected pensioners will not see the judgment in their life time. When we know that the case was being deliberately lingering on can we not take help of some law experts in the matter. If we can not do any thing in this regard what is the use of writing blogs/ comments on the topic. In this way we are showing lollypops to our poor pensioners when we know that no justice will arrive in their life time.

Shri Dhanabalan has rightly said that it is high time that our federation should change their method of achieving the object by involving members in direct action by dharna throughout the country and make the public, press and media realize our pathetic condition.

Gopal Ji Tandon
Comment: Dear Shri Tandon,

You may not be hopeful about the outcome of Court cases. But we wish that you and Shri Ghosh do not spread your cynicism on this website. Let us not forget that in 1989, it was the Supreme Court which had given the verdict of removal of the erstwhile arbitrary ceilings of pension and had fixed the new ceiling of Rs 2400/- (calculated at 50% of the erstwhile DMD's salary of Rs 4800/-). The Court had also, in the same judgement, directed the bank to introduce Family Pension in our bank, with retrospective effect from 1986. It was neither the decision of our Bank, nor that of the Govt., nor the outcome of any demand of the two serving Federations.
Let us therefore, not lose hope, though the present predicament is not bright.

N J CHAVAN P F NO 040930 KOLHAPUR MAQHARSHTRA wrote at 27-10-2014 8:38 am:


dhanabalan wrote at 26-10-2014 11:55 am:

 7th bipartite
It is high time federation think about the reality of IBA and UFBU negative approach and change their method of achieving the object of 50% of last drawn basic as pension by involving members in direct action by dharna
throughout the country and make the public, press and media realise our pathetic condition Tamilnadu has announced steep increase in power and milk rates . Are we to to beg? Better late than never

Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 24-10-2014 3:35 pm:

 W.P. (c) 1875 2013
Delhi High Court
W.P. ( C ) 1875 of 2013

Our Case No.W.P. (C) 184 Of 2011 Was Completely Heard In Honorable Supreme Court Of India for One and a Half Year And Ultimately Before Announcing Any Judgment The Case Was Transferred To Delhi High Court On 27-2-2013 On Some Technical Grounds As Number W.P
.( C ) 1875 Of 2013 With Instructions To Dispose It Of Within 6 Months.

While Issuing The Records The Supreme Court Said That The Arguments So Far Recorded And The Paper/ Documents Should Be Taken Into Account The Honorable Supreme Court Requested The Chief Justice Of Delhi High Court To Assign The Writ Petition before a bench of his choice for early disposal of the matter at any rate within the outer limit of six months from the date of receipt of records.

It is strange that instead of 6 months as prescribed by the Supreme Court the case is now listed after 19 months on 27.11.2014 and I doubt that the case will not be decided on 27.11.2014. So far the case was being adjourned on one pretext or the other.

There should be a contempt case against the Delhi High Court for not obeying the instructions of Supreme Court to decide the case within given time frame i.e. six Months.

Gopal Ji Tandon
Comment: Dear Shri Tandon,
It is for the Federation to consider the propriety of filing Contempt petition or to pursue the case in the usual manner.

Rajkumarnegi wrote at 24-10-2014 9:51 am:

 Election 2014
I shall be glad if you please advise me the Minimum time and the maximum time frame for the election. ( 1 ) from the date of Executive committee members meeting ( 2 ) The date of Annual General body meeting , the election day
The bye laws are silent on this issue
Comment: Dear Mr Negi,
It is difficult to specify any guidelines. If the election is held by ballots, in booths spread in branches, it is a time consuming affair. If election is held at the AGM, either by ballot or by show of hands, the only question is the period of notice required to be given for holding the AGM and election. Usually a one month's notice is given, after the holding of the last Executive Committee meeting.
Ideally, the Bye laws should be amended to include such provisions. We shall not comment further, so as to avoid controversies.

TNR Nair wrote at 22-10-2014 5:56 pm:

 Happy Deepavali
Comment: Dear Shri Nair,
We heartily reciprocate your greetings.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 21-10-2014 7:49 am:

 Pension updating process
There is a stalemate in respect of all issues relating to bank pensioners. IBA wanted the UFBU to present a revised proposal. We do not know whether any steps have been taken by the UFBU or the Retirees' Federations. The communication gap, as usual, is maintained. I had suggested that one post one pension rule be followed with suitable maximum caps so that comparatively bloated pensions and meager pensions are not caused to exist due to dates of retirement. Equitable distribution of resources is the key to social well being. This concept has been vitiated totally in our country through self seeking individuals and institutions in power. I request the UFBU and our own Federation to do out-of-the-box thinking.

Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 20-10-2014 6:09 pm:

 Justice Delayed is justice denied

It is surprising that our case No.WP(c ) 1875 of 2013 which was transferred to Delhi High Court for disposal from Supreme Court on some technical grounds was listed for final hearing on 14-10-2014 but unfortunately it could not be heard before the close of court’s proceedings on 14-10-2014 & the next date for hearing has been fixed on 27th November, 2014. Earlier in the similar situation when our case No.WP(c ) 184 of 2011 was listed in Supreme Court on 26-2-2013 and the case could not be heard before the close of court’s proceedings it was heard on the next date i.e on 27.2.2013.
2- Although Our case No. WP(c) 184 of 2011 was completely heard in Supreme Court of India for one and a half year but the Bank and Govt. had succeed in getting it transferred to Delhi High Court on some technical grounds with a view to linger it on.

3- The Honorable Supreme Court in their order dated 27-2-2013 specifically mentioned as under:-
Since the pleadings are complete and the matter is pending before this Court for the last one and a half years we deem it proper to transfer the petition papers to Delhi High Court and request the learned Chief justice to assign the writ petition before a Bench of his choice for early disposal of the matter, at any rate within the outer limit of six months from the date of receipt of records.

Gopal Ji Tandon Retired Dy. Manager
Comment: Dear Shri Tandon,
We have edited some of the debatable comments from your post.. You had separately e mailed to us, seeking our views, about the uploading of your comments. We had promptly responded by saying that we would discuss the matter among ourselves, before giving our opinion about the propriety of uploading your comments. Hence our decision to edit some of the controversial comments.
We however share your feelings on the subject, We do not agree with your pessimism. Please do not lose hope.

S K MEHROTRA wrote at 17-10-2014 11:29 pm:

 Loan against pension and medical facilities
The reply of my queries raised on 4th October under head 'Readers write here' is still awaited
Comment: Dear Mr. Mehrotra,
We may please be excused for our delayed response to our queries. Please go back to your original message on medicines. We have replied there.
As regards loan against pension, we shall revert soon. For the time being, please note that no separate facility is available for Bank's pensioners for such loans. Pensioners' loans are available to all pensioners at commercial rates. There are different schemes. We shall give details to you, as well as to other pensioners on this website.

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 17-10-2014 5:33 am:

 Delay in justice
We must claim 'special court' for Senior Citizens.

Rajkumarnegi wrote at 15-10-2014 8:52 am:

 Annual Election 2014
in how many days the election process should be completed
1. from the date of executive body meeting to the voting and declaring the results.
2. Who is authorised to declare the date of election process ,filling of nomination papers , withdrawal and date of election.The General secretary or the Returning officer
3. After the declaration of the dated , Can the General secretary along with other office bearers can utilize the association funds for "A I R " Tickets ( Three main office bearers), when there is no provision in the bye laws of the association .
How many times the general secretary and other office bearers should be nominated/ elected, so that they can not misuse the association funds on "Air " tickets
As the present General secretary is f the habit to use the funds for himself and his co office bearers by 'A I R " only. there is a provision to appoint the internal auditor but for the last eight to nine years no internal auditor has been appointed.
What is the future of the S.B.I. Pensioners association Chandigarh circle in these circumstances.
We seek your guidance to make our association like your Circle association or like Bombay circle association. .

S.B.I Pensioners association Chandigarh Circle
Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
The issues referred to by you, for our observations, appear to be internal matters relating to Chandigarh Circle Association. It would not, therefore, be proper, on our part to comment on the propriety or impropriety of any action of the Association of its office bearers.
All that we can state, is that controversies and disputes are best sorted out, through direct discussions among the pensioners concerned, in keeping with the provisions of your Association's Bye Laws and Rules.
We wish you and your Association, all the best.

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 07-10-2014 4:29 pm:

 Bank's Dispeneries at Branches
The pensioners,by and large, are and dependent for life on some medicine or the other.The principal ailments that occur to me which are lifelong drug dependent are; blood pressure,enlarged prostrates,diabetes and may be a few others.Is it possible for the PenAss Bengal Circle to take up with the Circle authorities to stock at the dispensaries, such medicines on the basis of the prescriptions of the attending physician which would be submitted to the Med.Off. at such dispensaries?Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We have been continuously striving in this direction. 53 enlisted medicines including many required by old people, are required to be stocked in the dispensaries. However, the dispensaries are also meant for serving employees, who outnumber us. We are keeping a constant vigil. Separate records of usage by pensioners, are now being kept. Indents for fresh stocks are also being rationalized. But there is a huge scope for improvement.

Raj Kumar Negi wrote at 07-10-2014 9:45 am:

 Medical facilities to V.R.S retirees 2001
in continuation of my E mail dated 5..10.2014 I may add that the officer got retirement under V.R.S In 2001 and there was no scheme for the enhancement of medical facilities for the V.R.S retirees from 2001 to till date. What is there fault. They have accepted the banks proposal for V.R.S and now facing difficulties.
There pension is Basic Rs,4250/- under n7th bipartite and they have been deprived from 50% pension from the date of their retirement. hardship to those retirees
now medical facilities only 30% , as two lacks facility has been enhanced to 7 lacks for others.
This is great injustice with them .please give your valuable comments.

Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
We fully agree that gross injustice was done to the 7th Bipartite retirees, not only regarding restricting their REMBS facilities within the ceiling of Rs 2 lacs, but also in calculating their pension on the basis of their pre revised 6th Bipartite salaries. The anomaly of 40% and 50%, is however applicable to all pensioners, not just the 7th Bipartite ones.

It is possible that these anomalies may be rectified through consolidated struggle for justice. Let us wait and see.

jwala prasad tiwari wrote at 06-10-2014 3:45 pm:

 transfer policy for women of state bank asper direction of finance ministary
Sir!finance ministry of India issued instruction to all banks in aug2014 to formulate transfer policy so that they may be posted as per their choice either their husband place or parents place .Is there any improvement banks showing in the matter.Thanks

Comment: Dear Mr Tiwari,
The issue is debatable, as to whether there should be a gender bias favouring ladies in the bank, or decisions should be taken on merit, irrespective of gender. A male officer might be so ill or having such disadvantages, that he ought to merit greater consideration than an able bodied lady officer.
However, we pensioners need not break our heads over this issue.

dhanabalan a wrote at 06-10-2014 2:50 pm:

It now comes to light that UFBU have cheated us by making us believe that they are taking up the matter of updation for the past one decade. No more cheating as they have done for the 7th bipartite retirees. Please let me know whether pensioners confederation has been recognised. If not with whom our federation is fighting for updation without any ceiling as suggested by Sr.R.Parthasarathy .

dhanabalan a wrote at 06-10-2014 11:20 am:

 updation of pension
I retired in 2000.As the payment of the above has been stopped from 1995 I did not know it. I could not expect either the federaton or UFBU to make it known to the ordinary members. Perhaps it was convenient for them. I expect at least now concerned organisation to make availble updation for all retirees.
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
Only during the 9th and 10th Bipartite charter of demands of UFBU, have the demands of pensioners figured. But effectively, they have not done anything for pensioners so far. Even during the 9th bipartite, they had the scope of solving the problems of pensioners, with the Pension balancing Fund, but they chose to distribute the 6.4% as Special Allowance among the working employees.
Our Federation is fighting for not only 50% pension for all, but also for flat 30% Family Pension and automatic updation of pension. Let us hope for better days for pensioners.

Rajkumarnegi wrote at 05-10-2014 8:30 pm:

 Medical facility to 2001 retirees
I have received one quarry from one of our reader and that I am asking your guidance.He referred and just want to know the total amount payable to him under medical facility to pensioners.
He retired in 2001 and got two lacks medical facility by paying two months pensions He has some medical problem and has enquired from the banks approved hospital the cost of the treatment,The cost of heart problem treatment in 2001 was under Rs two lacks which has now gone more than Rs.five lacks.He has never claimed the medical bill from the bank for the last 13 years from the date of his retirement. Is the bank will pay him while calculating the inflationary effect on the present day cost of the operation.He was sincere to the Bank and now when he needs the money , what will be the total limit under the medical facility. the total limit should be enhanced with inflationary effect ,so that he can go for the operation. Please give me your guidance
Comment: Dear Shri Negi,
Those who had opted for the Rs 2 lacs plan of REMBS, (except the VRS optees) had been given an option to pay an additional sum and get covered by the enhanced limit of Rs 7 lacs. But the last date for exercising the option has already lapsed long back. Moreover, the option is not available for the VRS optees.
So unfortunately, your fellow pensioner will not be able to get any benefit in excess of the limit of Rs 2 lacs. The scheme is not dependent on sincerity and diligence exhibited during tenure of service.
Any pensioner in this situation, including those having no coverage, should arrange for Mediclaim facility individually.
Our Federation is however still trying to persuade the Bank to agree to extend the coverage of REMBS to all pensioners, irrespective of their mode of retirement.

R Parthasarathy wrote at 05-10-2014 8:37 am:

 Pension updating process
Pensioners in the financial sector in our country have become acutely aware of the necessity for periodical pension revisions along with wage revisions, as done in the government sector. Perhaps, this awareness has come to us a little too late. IBA has refused to do this but has suggested that a revised but more cost-effective way is suggested to them. One rank one pension is the rule that is just and fair. Perhaps the Federations can suggest a maximum cap for basic pay or for DA attracting maximum pay so that justice is done to all. Otherwise, the disparity, already glaring, in the pension on the basis of age and date of retirement will become unreasonably huge and totally unjustifiable.
Comment: Dear Mr Parthasarathy,
You are right in expressing the concerns about the plight of pensioners in the bank, specially the older ones, who draw pitiable amounts as pension. We often wonder how difficult and painful it is for them to maintain their families. The only solution is automatic pension updation, with every Bipartite settlements, as is done for Govt pensioners, with every pay Commission implementation. General Managers of yesteryears get lower pension than currently retired clerks. This is a ridiculous anomaly. Let us see what the Federation can do for us.

dhanabalan a wrote at 05-10-2014 4:18 am:

Federation is trying in its own way to solve the problems of pensioners inclusive of 7th bipartite. I have hopes that ON 14TH they will aim at 50% of lAST DRAWN BASIC PAY WITH INTEREST FOR DELAYED PAYMENT WITHOUT DILUTING AND COMPROMISING FOR THE SIN CREATED BY SOME OF ELDERS FOR WHATEVER REASONS THEY OBLIGED THE EARLIER FINANCE MINISTER. DHANABALAN

S K MEHROTRA wrote at 04-10-2014 11:19 pm:

 R E M S Reimbursement of 1% of medical limit
I retired from bank's service in October 2005. During last 3 years have been undergone bypass surgery for heart and prostat. To keep heathy body i have to incur an expenditure of Rs5000/- pm on medicines.Further myself as well as my wife is suffering fron hypertension and her expenditure on medicine is seprate. The most of medicines prescribed by Apollo Hospial New Delhi are not dupplied by Bank's dispensary resulting these are purchase from market. Please guide me whether price of medicines purchased from market can be reimbrsed from Bank excluding 1% of REMS Reimbursement
Comment: Dear Mr Mehrotra,

Please forgive us for the delayed response. After we are all aged pensioners, trying to help each other, through this website. The Bank's instructions are clear, even if prima facie unjust. The Bank's Dispensaries provide 53 medicines as per list, that too, if stocks are available. Medicines not available in the Dispensaries, may be purchased externally, and reimbursement may be claimed under the category of Domicilliary treatment (1% per year of the REMBS limit).

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