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Gopal Ji Tandon (Website) wrote at 07-02-2014 8:04 am:

 W.P.(C)1875 at Delhi High Court
The captioned W.P.(C) 1875 was listed on 6.2.2014. Please Let us know the developments took place in the case.
Comment: Dear Shri Tandon,

You must have overlooked the page "Current Activities" in this website, where we have uploaded the latest news of the court case on 6th Feb itself. The next date for hearing by the Delhi High Court Div Bench, has been fixed for 18th March, 2014. This was after our counsel argued that a lot of delay had already taken place and pensioners were dying. Otherwise the hearing would have taken place in April, 2014.

SUBHASH CHANDRA HAZRA wrote at 06-02-2014 6:32 pm:

Annual general meeting of SBIPA Bengal circle
will be held on 23/2/14 at Sarat Sadan,Howrah
as per website information. It will be desirable if you inform the site how we cvan go from Howrah stn.,bus no.etc to arrive
short time.
Comment: Dear Mr Hazra,

Thanks for making this pertinent query. Sarat Sadan is very conveniently located in Howrah Maidan, opposite our Howrah Branch. Please circulate this information.

PRAFULLA CHANDRA MUDI wrote at 06-02-2014 3:51 pm:

I am retired officer from PATNA CIRCLE /ZONAL OFFICE , RANCHI. Residing at DURGAPUR, can I avail of the medical treatment from the approved hospitals of KOLKATA / DURGAPUR as detiled in your site under "MEDICAL FACILITIES REMBS..." I am member of the sceme of "RETD. EMPLOYEES MEDICAL BENEFITS SCHEME " of RANCHI, ZONAL OFFICE ?
Comment: Dear Mr. Mudi,

Welcome to our website. We presume that you are drawing pension now from a Branch in Durgapur. In that case. You can avail of medical facilities from any Dispensary of the Bank in W. Bengal. If not, we suggest that you transfer your pension from Patna Circle by applying to their PPG Deptt. Please also take the membership of our Association in order to remain well informed.

sabyasachi chattopadhyay, ex DGM. wrote at 05-02-2014 6:55 pm:

 no delivery by the pensioners' fedaration/association
I have received your bulletin no-1/8 dt nov/dec 2013 and I am totally disappointed as the pensioners' fedaration/association have not been able to deliver a single benefit to the pensioners. The bulletin only advises about the case at high court and some meetings at different places. I feel that the periodical meetings are necessary to avoid loneliness and to keep fit physically and mentally. The bulletin has reached my home at a time after the last date for submission of nomination papers papers. So the same faces will continue in the governing body inspite of their attaining much higher age and for no delivery over the years. This is most unfortunate. Even during our service life I saw most of such leaders were in the helm of affairs continuously in spite of no performance. You will agree that almost all the people enroll for the members after 60 years of age and if the leadership continues for a number of terms thereafter, we cannot expect much from them. So I am in favour of changing the bye-laws that nobody can be a governing body member after two terms; that means he cannot contest and you know how election is held by raising hands in the ADM. Therefore attending Federation meeting at different places of India with no delivery of benefits to the old members is construed as availing of erstwhile leave fare concession of the bank. Kindly think seriously in the matter. I don't blame you as the two serving unions are not able to deliver to the members upto the expectations as developments come up in newspapers. Trade unions are losing their barganing power in different industries and in turn losing the faith of the members/workers and there cannot be any exception for pensioners' associations. But change of faces in leadership at certain intervals making rooms for newly retired people specially who were not leaders os associations during service life otherwise 'aaisai chalta rohega'.
Comment: Dear Sabyasachi,

We would appreciate if you refer to yourself as not an ex DGM, but as a pensioner, like the rest of us. This is the difference between the pensioners' Association and the cadre based Associations that you have referred to in your message. Here all of us are equal, and our only identity is that we are pensioners.
We do not agree with your observations about the activities and achievements of our Association/Federation, or its leaders. It is because of years of painstaking efforts of such pensioners, that the Association and Federation has grown in stature. You may or may not be aware that it was because of the court case fought by our Federation that the erstwhile absurd pension ceilings of Rs 1000/Rs 600 were discontinued and Family Pension introduced in our bank. Since 1989, the Association and Federation has made remarkable efforts in improvement of medical benefits, settlement of anomalies and aberrations through structured meetings at Corporate Centre level, LHO level and even ZO level. Pensioners' meets are sponsored by the Bank management. Even Workshops for pensioners are sponsored by the Bank. We have been provided with office space and infrastructure everywhere. Yet, we are not a trade union which can compel the bank to yield to our demands through agitations and strikes. This is no mean achievement.
If you wish to associate yourself actively with our association, you are welcome to do so, as any voluntary effort by pensioners helps it to grow. Bringing about changes in the bye laws is also possible through amendment resolutions. For that too, active involvement is first needed.
It is surprising that you have not found anything commendable about the Association, not even this website which you have used to voice your views. Pensioners from all over the country have however appreciated our humble efforts and encouraged us. We urge upon you to come forward and help us to improve our functioning, instead of criticizing from a distance.

s b kulkarni wrote at 04-02-2014 5:02 pm:

 pension increase prior to 31102002 retiree
im pensioner of Aurangabad Mumbai circle regular watchin site thank u for information time to time
Comment: Dear Mr. Kulkarni,

It is very rewarding and encouraging to find that the small effort that we make, actually reaches and benefits pensioners like you, all over the country. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Please keep writing.

Balakrishnan Iyer wrote at 03-02-2014 5:11 pm:

 Thretened to be transfered where you will not get water to drink
I took Exit from Bank being thretened by DGM from Delhi Circle in Mumbai Main Br joined as Sportsperson served for 27 yrs 11 mths while I was Officiating Manger Cash Mumbai Main Br Currency Officer holding knowing fully well that Sports discontinued by Bank for reasons not known in the Branch where I served for the last 25 years of my carrier also getting a appreciation letter for my good work from the Chairman during my posting at Jaslok hospital counter where I helped one and all during my posting, being an upright sportsman not with lot of exposure to Bank various working at Branches brought fear and tension due to which I opted for Exit just 9 months from getting double the salary with gratuity and increase in pension which were unknown and kept in dark. joined the bank 1/12/1978 leaving IncomeTax and wanted to take exit om 31/12/2006 but was made to leave on 31/10/2006 dening of my last LTC DGM anger.
Comment: Dear Mr Iyer,
We understand your plight and feelings. Try to remember that your case is not an isolated one, in our bank. You can hold your head high now, though many other apparently successful people can't.

S.K.Misra (Lucknow Circle) (Website) wrote at 03-02-2014 12:35 pm:

 D.A. Increase from Feb 2014
73 D.A.slabs more from Feb 2014 to Jul 2014 for pensioners. To calculate your real gains please go to site-"bankpensioner.com/dacalculator_feb2014.html"
Comment: Dear Shri Mishra,

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. Please keep writing.

Rohit Sharma wrote at 01-02-2014 6:49 pm:

 7th Bipartite V.R.S.
My question is why are the bank's legal officer are not able to distinguish between the employees who sough V.R. offed by the bank as a special scheme and who were adjudged at par with those employes who normally retire after achieving sixty years of age - from those employees who seek V.R. under the prevailing service rules who would then get differentiated pension. This is what has to be resolved by the Hon'ble courts.

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 31-01-2014 7:16 pm:

 DA Chart-Feb.14 to July 14, Pensioners’ Mail Feb.14
We have uploaded the following files, which you can download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle) official website:


1. The DA Chart of Dearness Relief Payable To Bank’s Pensioners for the Months February 2014 To July 2014
2. Chandigarh Circles’ Monthly Bulletin Pensioners’ Mail for month of February 2014.
3. List of Approved Hospitals under REMBS in Chandigarh Circle
Comment: Dear Mr. Kumaria,
Thanks once again.

RANADEB RAYCHAUDHURY wrote at 30-01-2014 11:33 pm:

Comment: Dear Ranadeb,

Please don't worry. An update on the meet at Basirhat (and the one at Barasat), will be posted soon. The site administrator will return from Mumbai shortly, and do the needful. Thanks for writing.

NC Sharma wrote at 30-01-2014 9:49 am:

 Continuation of HL on VRS
Dear sirs,
I may further add that HR handbook does permit such continuation only if HL availed after attaining 55 yrs age. Hence, add to my knowledge accordingly.

NC Sharma wrote at 30-01-2014 9:37 am:

 Contnuation of HL on VRS
Hi Sir,
May I invite ur attention that a cir letter dtd in 2000 Denies home loan continuation on VRS after 30 yrs spotless pensionable service &/55 yrs of age. But HR Handbook updated 31.07.2012 does not seem to support it. Kindly advise, which one should prevail. Instructions dtd back in 2000 or manual updated In 2012.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 29-01-2014 11:12 am:

 7th.Bipartite-Salil Kumar Ghosh
Correction-7th.Bipartite-Salil Kumar Ghosh
The next date is 10th.February 2014 and not 10th.January 2014 as erroneously informed.Sujoy Ghosh

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 28-01-2014 11:14 am:

 7th.Bipartite-Salil Kumar Ghosh
The next date is fixed for the 10th.January 2014.Sujoy Ghosh

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 24-01-2014 5:56 pm:

 IInd Innings July- Sept-2013
We have uploaded the IInd Innings July- Sept-2013, which you can download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle) official website: http://www.sbipensionerschd.com/

T.Raghunathan wrote at 23-01-2014 3:53 pm:

 Your postal address
Dear sir,
I am a SBI pensioner from Chennai circle.Kindly provide me your postal address.
Thanking you.

T.Raghunathan wrote at 23-01-2014 3:52 pm:

 Your postal address
Dear sir,
I am a SBI pensioner from Chennai circle.Kindly provide me your postal address.
Thanking you.

T.Raghunathan wrote at 23-01-2014 3:51 pm:

 Your postal address
Dear sir,
I am a SBI pensioner from Chennai circle.Kindly provide me your postal address.
Thanking you.
Comment: SBI Pensioners' Association (Bengal Circle), Samriddhi Bhavan, Block E, Ground Floor, 1 Strand Rd, Kolkata 700017.

udayan dasgupta wrote at 23-01-2014 11:27 am:

 Revision of Table of commutation factor in Banking Industry
I retired in February 2007.As commuted value for a pension of Re 1 per annum was 6.6(Factor) .Total commutation amount I received was RS.281000/-.But recently I observed that factor amount has been revised to 9.81 according to the new table.Will it be applicable to my case also?

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 18-01-2014 1:44 pm:

 Medical Facilities
Working Officers are allowed to reimburse
their medical bill in connection to their treatment under Homeopathy & even to Aurvadic.But we pensioners are not.
Please ur attention hereby drawn in this regard thru this forum .
Comment: Dear Udayan,

You are right about this aspect of medical benefit. Such and other types of anomalies are engaging the attention of our Association as well as our Federation. A structured meeting with the Corporate Centre management is scheduled with our Federation in the last week of Jan, 2014 at Mumbai. Let us see what transpires in various areas of concern for pensioners.

Mr. Bishwas wrote at 15-01-2014 10:08 pm:

 Great Work
Hello sir,

I am SBI pensioner from Banglore Circle & follow your site for the past 1 month. You are doing a great job.

Comment: Dear Mr Biswas,

Welcome to our website. Thanks for your encouraging words. We are trying our best to serve the interests of Bank pensioners not just in Bengal Circle but all over India. Please keep writing.

Chitta Ranjan Bhattacharjee wrote at 15-01-2014 7:58 pm:

 Views regarding pension payment.
I need to inform you that all retirees should get equel status regarding pension payment.

For example:-

a)Existing basic must be 50% for all pensioners'.wef 1st Nov, 2007.

b)Pensioners'must get hike whenever new wage negotiation done.(As good as Central Govt.employees)

I think above 2(two) points must not ignore
then we are to loose our morality as well as intelligence as a whole.
Comment: Dear Shri Bhattacharjee,

Welcome to our website. You have correctly voiced two demands. The 50% pension for all, is the main relief sought in our case now pending at Delhi High Court Div Bench, the next date of hearing being 6th Feb, 2014. The second demand is one which is being voiced by pensioners in the entire banking industry. There are two other demands which are common to all pensioners in the banking industry. 30% Family Pension for all, and 100% Dearness Relief neutralization at quarterly intervals for all pensioners.

ANIL K SAXENA wrote at 12-01-2014 6:18 pm:

Swami Vivekananda (Bengali: [Bibekanɒnɖo]; 12 January 1863 – 4 July 1902), Narendra Nath Datta, was an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna. He was a key figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world and is credited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to the status of a major world religion during the late 19th century. "Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached"



Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 12-01-2014 3:22 am:

 7th.BPs-Calcutta High Court-Salil Kumar Ghosh
Looks like the case is a bit jinxed.As reported,the Chief Justice,the second Judge on the two Judge bench is unfortunately stricken with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.May he recover soon.He is,therefore unable to take up cases and cannot devote much time in the court.We can only expect a replacement,if at all, or another bench.Let us see what transpires and we can know by the end of this month.The other hope is the 6th.February 2014 when the Federation case comes up in the Delhi High Court,with a few more dates and the Transfer cases of Madras High Court and Kerala High Court,both in the Supreme Court.Cheers and Cheer up!Sujoy Ghosh

ARUN BANERJEE wrote at 10-01-2014 3:43 pm:

 payment of medical bills
Payment of Medical bills under REMBS are being made abnormally late, sometimes after more than two months. This is resulting in accumulation of bills for more than three months. Kind interference solicited. My bills are sanctioned at HR Deptt, Howrah RBO.
Comment: Dear Arun,

The problem is genuine and acute because of non availability of Medical Officer at Howrah Zonal Office. A stop gap arrangement has been made possible through our persuasion, and one Doctor is being deputed partially to cater to this need. We are hopeful that the big backlog will get cleared soon.

Unknown wrote at 08-01-2014 8:03 pm:

 Medical Bill
If some medical expenses are incurred on 31st March, when shall I submit my medical bill for reimbursement?
Comment: Dear Ashok, (it must be you),

Whenever there is a cutoff date for submission of any bill or statement, there is no way to avoid this problem. Either the bill must be submitted within the cut off date, or it will be considered in the next financial year.

V K ARORA wrote at 06-01-2014 4:23 pm:

 REMBS---domiciliary Treatment
I wanted to know whether Expenses incurred in Jan--March 2014 can be claimed in April 2014.As I understand that bills should not be more than 3 months old though the claim is lodged in next financial year
Comment: Dear Mr. Arora,

You should submit your bills within the financial year, for accounting purpose. The date of submission must be within 31st March. The payment will be processed in the next financial year.

Manotosh Samajpati wrote at 06-01-2014 8:08 am:

 error in medical bill format shown under Important information for pensioners page
It is noticed that there is no column for mentioning the membership number of REMBS in the medical bill format shown in this site as mentioned in the subject. Does it not required? I think the format has been revised.
Comment: Dear Manotosh,

The format was downloaded from the Bank's circular, and then uploaded in our website You are right about the necessity of incorporating the REMBS membership No. The format has not, according to our information, been revised.

ANIL K SAXENA wrote at 06-01-2014 6:15 am:

 Pension issue

Anil K Saxena

Good Morning and a Happy New Year

Pension issues in SBI–Let delay not diminish the expectations:

With each day passing, solutions to pension issues in State Bank of India are getting delayed abnormally with the result that the patience of the retiree pensioners stands awe fully over brimmed, it’s rather on a collapsing point. Lot many messages are reaching this blog as from the retiree pensioners every day manifesting their pains caused to them on account of delay in sorting out the pension related issues. They feel exhausted and frustrated too, but the moot question is what could it be to transpire if they lay down their efforts and hopes. This shall be a disaster. I earnestly appeal to all the retirees not to abandon their patience, nor should they feel disheartened in any manner. They have to remember that whatever are the endeavours made on this count shall not go a waste and are sure to elicit some tangible outcome some day; let us wish that this occurs soonest possible.
Comment: Dear Anil,

Thank you very much for voicing our feelings so effectively. We have no option but to remain optimistic. And we have to strive, whatever be the obstacles.

TUSHAR KUMAR MUKHERJEE wrote at 03-01-2014 8:12 pm:

Shri Asim Kumar Das, a member of Rampurhat composite unit, passed away this morning. Just a few months ago his wife predeceased him. Shri Das is survived by two sons and a daughter (married). May his soul rest in peace
Comment: We are very sad to hear of this demise. We offer our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members and to the members of Rampurhat Composite unit.

We trust that necessary help will be provided by the unit to the family.

T.Raghunathan wrote at 01-01-2014 12:20 pm:

 New year greetings
May 2014 be a year of 365 Happy Days.
Long live of Delhi High Court Judges.
Comment: Dear Mr Raghunathan,

We also wish you a happy 2014 and hope that saner sense will prevail not only on the judiciary, but also on the Govt of India and RBI.

ANIL K SAXENA wrote at 01-01-2014 9:29 am:

 Happy New Year
A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

Comment: Dear Anil,

We heartily reciprocate your warm greetings for the new year.

TN Ramachandran Nair wrote at 01-01-2014 5:25 am:

Wishing all dear fellow pensioners and their families all the very best in this New Year.
Comment: Dear Mr. Nair,

We heartily reciprocate your greetings for the new year.

suresh chhatre PF no 1330381 wrote at 31-12-2013 8:33 pm:

New Year begins , let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness and abundance of new friends.

God bless you through out the new Year.

Comment: Dear Suresh,

We heartily reciprocate your greetings for the new year.

Atique Ahmad wrote at 28-12-2013 1:28 pm:

 Additional Housing Loan
Sir I was granted additional housing loan of Rs.3,07,000/- in the year 1998. The loan installment was fixed for Rs.2000/- per month and it was being recovered from my salary till the date of my retirement from bank’s services on 31.07.2008. At the time of my retirement, I requested the bank to continue the housing loan account when the loan outstanding was about Rs.3.55 lac.
2. During a period of 53 months (from August,2009 to December,2012) I deposited a sum of Rs.1,10,000/- in my loan account which was more than the recovery from the monthly installment. But in the month of December,2012 when Charbagh, Lucknow branch stopped transaction in my PENSION ACCOUNT No. 2002398033 putting me in great financial and mental stress, I took up the matter with Charbagh branch and Regional Manager R-V Zonal Office, Lucknow who enhanced the loan installment to Rs.4,450/- pm on the plea that as per the housing loan scheme the remaining period is only four years to repay the loan. Accordingly, a sum of Rs.4,450/- is being recovered from 27.12.2012 till date from my above pension account and a sum of Rs.48,950/- has been recovered.
3. Despite the above revised repayment installment of Rs.4,450/- which is being recovered from my pension account, the Charbagh branch surprisingly again noted a lien of Rs.1,00,000/- on 17.12.2013 to my pension account depriving me to withdraw from my pension account. This has put to me in great financial and mental stress.
4. Sir I want to know what was the loan period for the additional housing loan scheme. Was it 20 years? Can a lien may be noted in PENSION ACCOUNT.
Kindly help me.
With regards.

PRIYA BRATA CHAKRABARTI (Website) wrote at 26-12-2013 10:47 pm:

I have got the news that SHRI P S SANTHANAKRISHNAN (Ex-DMD) Vice President, Southern Zone,STATE BANK OF INDIA PENSIONER'S ASSOCIATION PASSED AWAY ON 23/ 12/2013, I am really shocked on his sad demise as we have lost one of our great Comrade whose position will never be filled up again. I must Pray to God to rest his soul in peace.I convey my deep condolence for his bereaved family members also through our Circle Association Please.

ARUN BANERJEE wrote at 26-12-2013 3:24 pm:

 Important message
Please let us know the upcoming dates of pensioners' meets/Association's meetings so that we can attend them.
Comment: Dear Arun,

Thanks for using this website for collecting the information. As of now, the next two dates for Pensioners' Meet and General meetings of our Association are as follows :

23.01.2014 : Kolkata Zone, at Jeevan Deep building

23.02.2014 Circle Pensioners Meet and AGM at Sarat Sadan, Howrah (adjacent to Howrah Maidan)

Rohit Sharma wrote at 25-12-2013 6:59 pm:

 Mr. Salil Ghosh's Pensioners' Case at Calcutta H.C,
Thanks for the update. Yes, the bank's law officers are the ones who are misguiding the Chairman and other Senior Officers despite the fact that they very well know that the 7th B.P. was applicable to the employees who opted for VRS in 2001. Even the lawyers engaged by the bank are heftily paid and they tend to disembark the ends of justice. I hope the efforts of Mr. Salil Ghosh does become a boon to all. Keep us posted of the developments.
Comment: Dear Rohit,

Thanks for evincing such keen interest in the progress of the case. The fate of about 30,000 pensioners (7th Bipartite retirees) is hanging on this case as also the case at Delhi High Court Div bench.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 25-12-2013 5:06 pm:

 7th.BPs-Calcutta High Court-Salil Kumar Ghosh
According to the information received, the Bank has submitted the Paper Book on the 23rd. December 2013 but did not submit a copy to Mr.Salil Ghosh's lawyer.With the holidays starting from the 25th.December 2013 and the Courts reopening on the 7th.January 2014 the next date will be probably in the middle or end of January 2014.The delaying tacticts of the Bank are quite obvious.We have no options but to wait out the time.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,

Thanks once again for keeping us and pensioners all over the country, updated about this case. We wish you a very happy 2014.

ANIL K SAXENA wrote at 25-12-2013 6:55 am:

 Seasons Greetings


Spring up as it does from the very core of my heart, I do wish the readers, the followers, the visitors and the well wishers of this blog A SOLEMN MERRY CHRISTMAS and A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.

Let LOVE and PEACE prevail on otherwise a strife ridden planet called earth,

Let agonies, sorrows and plights be done away with of which there is no dearth,

Let light of smiles fill again the lids that overflow with tears,

Let agonised souls crying in pain have a sigh of relief and be in cheers.

Comment: Dear Anil,

We heartily reciprocate your greetings, without however, being able to express our feelings as nicely as you have done.

Rohit Sharma wrote at 24-12-2013 9:17 pm:

 Seasons Greetings.
Dear Pensioner Colleagues of SBI

Let me wish you all

May the year 2014 bring to all of us

yours sincerely
Rohit Sharma.
S B I Pensioner - Ahmedabad Circle.
Comment: Dear Rohit,

We heartily reciprocate your greetings and share your feelings.

P K GOPALAKRISHNAN (Website) wrote at 24-12-2013 10:50 am:

Dear Pensioner Colleagues of SBI

Let me wish you all

May the year 2014 bring to all of us

yours sincerely
P K Gopalakrishnan
S B I Pensioner - Kerala
Comment: Dear Mr Gopalakrishnan,

We heartily reciprocate your greetings and echo your feelings.

Ashok Kumar Roy wrote at 23-12-2013 9:00 pm:

 Hatibagan unit pharmacy
Hatibagan, Calcutta Pharmacy is closed for the last three months. Despite efforts by the local unit and the concerned Branch Manager, no efforts seem to have been taken by neither the Pensioners' Association nor by the LHO to reopen it.Poor family pensioners are not getting medicines and medicines worth Rs.lakhs in stock are getting time barred. Would you please look into the matter?
Comment: Dear Ashok,

You are right about the closure of the Dispensary. You are however, not right about the Pensioners' Association not making any effort for reopening it. The reason for closure, viz non availability of a Pharmacist was sought to be resolved by the Association and the Bank, by locally recruiting a Pharmacist. But it transpired that the Doctor was a part time one, who was not aurhorised to make any recruitment. The matter has been discussed at Z.O. and LHO level, and also referred to Corporate Centre. Please bear with the delay, which is not because of the Association's inaction, but despite its constant efforts.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 19-12-2013 4:56 am:

 7th.BPs-Calcutta High Court-Salil Kumar Ghosh
Dear Mr. Moderator/Andministrator- Delay in the Justice Delivery System in India is endemic and engineered and perpetuated by the Lawyer fraternity. I do not wish to indulge in 'wishfull' thinking nor convey any false hopes but would expect the patience of 'Job' from the pensioners. "Cynicism-thy name is impatience"! Will this lead to despair and possible depression considering most of us have attained the age of the 'hills'?Next, I will dwell on the role of the 7th.BPs in helping out Mr.Salil Ghosh at the subsequent stages and at the appropriate time,if called for,with even nominal gestures.Let us wait and see what unfolds.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,

We share your optimism tempered by cynicism on the prospect of court cases. We have no option but to move ahead and persevere. Please keep writing.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 18-12-2013 9:44 am:

 7th.BPs-Calcutta High Court-Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr. Rohit Sharma-Thank you.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,

We are grateful to pensioners like you and Rohit for choosing to exchange not just pleasantries, but very valuable information relevant to pensioners. This exchange of messages are of great value to pensioners all over the country. Please keep writing.

Rohit Sharma wrote at 17-12-2013 8:52 pm:

 7th B.P.S. V.R.S.
Mr. Sujoy Gosh,

Had you been not working out replies to our persistent question we would have been utterly in despair. Thanks to your dedication for pensioners cause.
Comment: Dear Mr Sharma,

Sujoy is a pensioner who had been a genuine HRD man during his tenure in the Bank. No wonder, he reflects our concern over the issues concerning pensioners.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 17-12-2013 7:12 am:

 Calcutta High Court case-7th.BP
Mr.Rohit Sharma-16.12.2013.At this stage an order in favour of Mr.Salil Ghosh is not in the frame,but one cannot cut short a judicial process.We are lucky that the Bank/UOI have appealed to a division bench of two judges headed by the CJ.In the cases of Madras/Kerala HCs the single judge orders were not specific,cogent nor a clear direction was given and were languishing and now stand transferred to the Supreme court and are probably slated for the 9th.January 2014 or so.If,and as and when this case is taken up at Calcutta HC an order in favour of Mr.Salil Ghosh is a very distinct possibility but there is always a possibility of the Bank/UOI appealing at the SC,in which case all the cases may be clubbed together in which case I would like to feel as if a bench of five judges(albeit at three HCs)have given similar orders in favour of the 7th.BPs.Thus an order at the Supreme Court in favour of the 7th.BPs cannot be totally ruled out.But we will have to live out the full length of the Indian judicial process as is prevailing and live to avail the fruits of the final order in our favour.Bear with the delay and live with hope.Till then enjoy the winter and Merry Christmas to all.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,

Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts. You have declared yourself to be an eternal optimist. Why then is there a trace of cynicism in your message ? Festive greetings to you.

Rohit Sharma wrote at 16-12-2013 8:45 pm:

 Pensioners' Case at Calcutta H.C,
How far in your personal opinion can you judge that this case filed by Mr. Salil Ghosh will result into victory for all of us?
The single Judge has already given her judgment in favour of Mr. Salil Ghosh then why is that the Bank is still trying to dissipate such judgement ? Is the Bank management still not left its culture of exploitation and demeaning the integrity its own pensioner's whose right they know are true?
Comment: Dear Mr Sharma,

Are you not expecting too much from the Bank management ? Without justifying their strategies and tactics, let us also try to understand their own compulsions, which are linked with the Govt's compulsions. We shall have to overcome these obstacles, through our perseverance and solidarity.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 15-12-2013 7:50 am:

 Working together
Mr.Anil K Saxena-29.11.2013.Nice quote but not an appropriate one.Milton wrote that sonnet when he was 100% visually disabled and did not bemoan his fate but continued his encouragement for mankind.Not being members of the PAs may be for varied reasons.One of which could be disillusionment with the Unions when in service so there could be a lack of confidence in the PAs.But, be that as it may,we are now looking forward to the court cases.The 7th.BPs for their's and the rest for the Federation case.After all, it is the 7th.BPs who have been discriminated against(as also the 5th.and 6th.)and their only solace is the court cases,having been sold out by the the then active Unions some of whom are now active in the PAs and disenchantments cannot be ruled out.Anyway let us look forward.Sujoy Ghosh

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