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dhanabalandh wrote at 22-09-2014 7:50 pm:

Let us hope and wish SBI Federation!s pension case on 25th and Iba talks on 26th give us some benefits to have a decent living.

JATAN SINGH JAIN wrote at 21-09-2014 5:11 pm:

I have taken VRS from SBI BHUWANA (05742) Dist.UDAIPUR (RAJ) ON 20 March 2013. Iwant to know about medical facility providing by State Bank of India after VRS. Details of my sercive as below+

Date of birth 09/12/1962

Date OF Joinig the SBI 03/06/1985
GRADE at the time of VRS deputy manager

Name of the LHO NEW DELHI
Comment: Dear Mr. Jain,
As you have opted for voluntary resignation, you are not entitled to Retired Employees' Medical Benefit Scheme (REMBS). However, you (and your spouse) may avail of free consultation and medicines at the Bank's Dispensaries and also free pathological tests, at Labs which have tie up arrangements with the Bank.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 21-09-2014 12:23 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.PMGK Panicker,I shall convey your condolences as well to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.And thank you Mr.Admn.for the offer of help.Mr.Panicker and Mr.Admn.-- The idea of financial and other help had occurred to me and I had informed Late Salil Ghosh that in the event he gets an order in his favour and the Bank/GOI go in appeal to the Supreme Court I intended to approach the 7th.BPs. to lend a helping hand.In fact two such distressed colleauges have already pledged support to the extent our pension might may permit.But as of now,as a first step I intend to accompany the wife of late Salil Ghosh to the Advocate on record and arrange to file the petition for substitution.Only after the petition is accepted can we contemplate further steps.More in the next post.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for your concern and initiative. How we wish more pensioners had your mindset. All the best. Please do keep in touch with us.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 21-09-2014 12:09 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.PMGK Panicker,I shall convey your condolences as well to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.And thank you Mr.Admn.for the offer of help.Mr.Panicker and Mr.Admn.-- The idea of financial and other help had occurred to me and I had informed Late Salil Ghosh that in the event he gets an order in his favour and the Bank/GOI go in appeal to the Supreme Court I intended to approach the 7th.BPs. to lend a helping hand.In fact two such distressed colleauges have already pledged support to the extent our pension might may permit.But as of now,as a first step I intend to accompany the wife of late Salil Ghosh to the Advocate on record and arrange to file the petition for substitution.Only after the petition is accepted can we contemplate further steps.More in the next post.Sujoy Ghosh

pmgkpanicker wrote at 20-09-2014 9:59 pm:

shri sujoyghodh
I convey my condolence to shri condolence to the family of shri late salil ghosh. I woase uld like to knowwhat we have to do his family and the case filed by him . it is yet to be finalisation. in opinion we should continue the case by filing the nominiees of late shri ghosh.our federation has no concern

SujoyGhosh wrote at 20-09-2014 2:09 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases- Late Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.Admn.and Sarvasree-Dhanabalan,Rohit Sharma,A.V.Menon,Bharat Bhusan,R Parthasarathy,N.Subramanian-- I have conveyed your condolences to the family of Late Salil Ghosh.She was enquiring about her family pension and what is to be done about continuiing the case which is in it's final stage.I have asked her to visit the Pension paying branch and submit the application and meet the Advocate on record to substitute her name as the legal heir.Since the Court is closing for the Puja holidays she my meet him soon after the Puja hols. are over.Shall keep you posted of developements as it affects all we 7th.BPs.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for showing your concern for the family of the bereaved, and also for the entire group of cheated pensioners of 7th Bipartite. We shall try to help the widow not only to get her family pension at the earliest, but also to continue the struggle for justice initiated by her late husband.

dhanabalan a wrote at 20-09-2014 12:04 pm:

 LateMr.Sali Ghosh
I too join with some of our colleagues in my prayers for the welfare of family of the departed. I take this opportunity to convey to our colleagues that everything possible provided we have the mind to achieve.I find from the blog some names which are familiar to me. I am interested to interacxt with them. For this purpose I furnish my email id dhanabalanaa90@gmail.com. My mobile no is 9444551949. Presently I live in my own house at Thiruverkadu Chennai behind Savitha dental college on Bangalore highway

Rohit Sharma wrote at 20-09-2014 11:26 am:

 Demise of comrade Salil Ghosh.
My heartfelt condolences. He will always be remembered for his fighting spirit. May ALMIGHTY give peace to the departed soul.

A V Menon wrote at 20-09-2014 10:18 am:

My heartfelt condolences. He will always be remembered for his fighting spirit. May ALMIGHTY give peace to the departed soul.

bharat bhushab wrote at 20-09-2014 9:56 am:

 condolene pensioner
the untimely death of sh salil ghosh. may god rest his soul in peace

R Parthasarathy wrote at 20-09-2014 8:07 am:

 Mr.Salili Ghosh
We are a small interacting group of SBI Pensioners(VII Bipartite) in Srirangam. Mr.Salil Ghosh was the main hope for us. He fought the legal demons valiantly and won a verdict that could have brought justice to many. But the devilish and archaic system of Indian legal delivery procedures , backed by an indifferent bureaucracy and inefficient governance , denied him and us the fruits of his untiring labour. We feel very sad. He achieved single handed what bigger groups could not. We pray for the soul of Mr. Salil Ghosh.

N subramanian (Website) wrote at 19-09-2014 1:24 pm:

My heart felt condolence on noting the sudden demise of Mr Salil Gosh which I convey to his dependent family. He has left for the Heavonley abode without tasting the fruits of his labor. His was a lonly crusade against the mighty for a noble cause not only for his benefit but for to benefit all his fellow brethren.Let us pray for his SOUL to rest in Peace.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 19-09-2014 11:48 am:

 7th.BPs-Court cases-Salil Kumar Ghosh
It is most unfortunate that Mr.Salil Kumar Ghosh expired last Saturday.It seems he was not a member of the pensioners Association who may or may not extend any assistance to his widow.But my condolences to his family.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We deeply regret the tragic and untimely demise of Salil Ghosh, who had become a lone crusador. We were in constant touch with him, though he was not our member. We shall offer all sort of assistance to his widow. It is sad that Salil could not live to see the outcome of his untiring efforts, just because the erstwhile Chief Justice thought it fit to delay delivery of judgement of his case (after hearing in the Div Bench had been concluded) for a long time, and then asked for the case to be heard afresh. He is now a Judge in Supreme Court. No further comments.

bharat bhushan wrote at 19-09-2014 9:32 am:

 pension isssue
updation of pension

dhanabalan (Website) wrote at 18-09-2014 6:17 pm:

 bank pensioners plight
The answer for aibprc. All India Bank Pensioner Retirees confederation. Kindly have time to open the same go through circulars and then contact 9444551949. Let us know our rights and entitlements even if otherwise comfortable.

N subramanian (Website) wrote at 18-09-2014 2:35 pm:

What is the full expansion of Aibarc?Updation demand has started gaining ground only from very recently. RBI staff have won in their demand for updation. Naturally the bankers should also get updation. We have been asking for it, demanding for it and fighting for redressal of the anomolies in the fixation of payment of pension to the 7th BP retirees which despite the lapse of more than a decade we could not get. As you know our bank pensioners fedns are not strong enough to fight because we cannot make an impact whereas the working staff federations can do, Now the 10th BP talks are in progress and atleast now not lamenting about the past and not thinking about what we have lost let us get justice atleast now .

dhanabalan a wrote at 18-09-2014 1:12 pm:

 pensioners plight
We are not against UFBU in their demands.Let us understand that now Aibarc in their latest circular say there were prov ision for updation of pension. Who is responsibnle for non payment updation. I honestly admit we are responsible for this by not making demand by appropriate methods.

N subramanian (Website) wrote at 18-09-2014 12:59 pm:

 ufbu meweting with IBA
UFBA expressed its willingness to come down from their earlier demand of 25% subject to... It appears that in their agenda some of the demands pertaining to the pensioners also are there. If they can negotiate to win updation of pension for the pensioners as in the case of CENTRAL Govt staff it is worth to agree for a lower increase of even 15% will be very good/ Once it is over there is no more asking for any benefits for the pensioners in the subsequent wage settlements to come. Will they ponder over this aspect and take a wise decision!

dhanabalan a wrote at 18-09-2014 5:10 am:

 retired bank employees plight an imagination
It is learnt from the blogs that the date of next round of talks is either 23 or 27. Sbi federations case comes up for final hearing on 25th. If the courts verdict is in favour of the retirees then it is easier for iba to discuss the residual available . Let us hope for the best

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 17-09-2014 5:18 pm:

 10th BPS meet on 17th Sep 2014
As per information available, in order to find amicable solution,Bank Unions (U.F.B.U.) indicated flexibility on its demand of 25% provided I.B.A. revise its offer substantially and also settle other issues.

IBA told they would hold meeting in the next week and respond.

Further details are awaited.

V k Arora wrote at 16-09-2014 2:54 pm:

All would have come to know that appointments on compassionate grounds have been restored effective August. I consider this to be a good development which may also reflect in MOF/BANK's attitude towards 7th BIPARTITE retirees. Let us wish.

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 15-09-2014 8:04 am:

 SBI Pensioners
There is unconfirmed information in mails received by me that there was a meeting between the SBI Chairperson and our Federation representative on the 11th of this month. If so, the reasons for keeping the information confidential, whatever they may be, will only increase the stress levels for the affected pensioners, especially the 7th bipartite ones. We request the Federation to clarify.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 13-09-2014 10:09 pm:

 Delhi High Court-Federation Case.
Mr.T V Jayakrishnan-your post of 13th.September 2014-Great News.Let us hope for the best.Sujoy Ghosh

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 13-09-2014 6:45 pm:

I was informed by Mr. Sivagyanam as follows on the above subject:


The Federation I.A petition filed in DHC to "Not to post Writ Petition No 2353/2014 transferred from Jharkand High Court along with W.P 1875 of 2013 with a request for Final Hearing" DHC has posted the cases on 25.09.2014. The Federation case is posted in court No.35 as item No.12 and Jharkand case No.2353 of 2014 posted in court No.5 as item No.2.
According to the web site information the CASE IS POSTED FOR FINAL HEARING ON 25.09.2014. I wish all success for the Federation and expect the early Judgment favourable to the PENSIONERS.


Let all of wish all success to the FEDERATION.

dhanabalan a wrote at 13-09-2014 10:27 am:

 7th bipartite bank retirees plight
I very much appreciate the efforts to be taken by young bankers today afternoon at juntar mantar delhi to acheive better bargaining in the 10th bipartite wage negotiation for bank employees in our country. achievement is the goal and not who does. Hats off and all the best.

dhanabalan a wrote at 13-09-2014 10:08 am:

 new development
I very much appreciate the efforts to be taken by young bankers today afternoon at juntar mantar delhi to acheive better bargaining in the 10th bipartite wage negotiation for bank employees in our country. achievement is the goal and not who does. Hats off and all the best.

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 13-09-2014 9:23 am:

 New developments
In the LIC Pensioners' Forum, an article has the information that today the younger generation of Bank employees, without any dividers between them on the basis of which banks they work for, will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar asking for at par treatment with Central Govt. employees. It also says that they are against retired people representing them at meaningless and protracted negotiations. It, in my opinion, indicates a revolution. It also seems that the younger generation will lead hereafter.

dhanabalan a wrote at 12-09-2014 6:56 pm:

 bank pensioners assn
I have expressed my concern only after going through several members writings and having known that something has happened at the time of finalisation of 8th bipartite wage settlement and 7thbipartite pensionersx interests have been overlooked as expressed by a member in these column. Even after this we have not woken up and we continued to rely on others and failed . Please know that during 1966 when officers assn went on strike we were threatened with arrests. Many of us are still under the illusion that we are white collared while unorghanised workers stage demonstrations to get their grievances are attended to.We are well trained by our employers to be patient even when unlawful reduction is made in our pension. I am particular abt 7th bipartite retirees

dhanabalan a wrote at 12-09-2014 11:28 am:

 bank pensioners plight
While thanking Mr.Nair I have to report that this suggestion of mine was given to one o four top most assn office bearer as early as 9 yrs back. He ignored due to egoism. Today he is telling our members off the record that it is beyond his capacity. I do not express negative attitude. But too many groups filing cases spoil the process of achieiving our goal. As earlier attempts were made to group all the delhi high court. If aibprc is recognised and we pensioners support one organisation things can be achieved without avoidable legal tangles and expenses. There are signs simplifying the legal process. The suggestions has been given because we cannot rely on others to solve our problem
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We pensioners have to fight for our own cause. Other organizations and the Govt have left us in the lurch, repeatedly. The SBI Pensioners Federation have mediated and brought two All India bodies of pensioners, one affiliated to AIBEA and another to AIBOC. A joint memorandum on the common demands have been submitted to the govt. We also have to fight for our own issues separately.

TNR Nair wrote at 12-09-2014 9:00 am:

 SBI Pensioners
Mr. Dhanabalan is absolutely right. Our problems are not properly highlighted and the waiting for positive response from the powers that be has no meaning looking to the way the things are moving. Its high time our issues are brought out through media intervention.
Comment: Dear Mr Nair,
We do not entirely agree with your views. We have been fighting within our limitations. Street corner meetings, Dharnas, signature campaigns, media publicity, enlisting the support of MPs, court cases, persuasive meetings, forming coordination committees with the two serving Federations,.....all options have been tries. Whatever yields results for us, is the right method.

dhanabalan a wrote at 12-09-2014 3:46 am:

 bank pensioners plight
nothing can be achieved without the involvement of the beneficiaries i.e pensioners individually and collectively. they should go to the streets by conducting peaceful dharnas and demonstrations at all taluk levels in the country. recently formed aibprc should take the initiative and form taluk level assn units for this purpose.they may collect contributions by asking the members to remit to their bank account nominal subscriptions. taluk level units should be given the job responsibility. Messages to members by aibprc can and should be put in the website
Comment: Dear Mr Dhanabalan,
We share the concern expressed by you for pensioners. However, unlike the serving Associations, our Association is not a Trade Union, and has limited options to press their demands. We have to keep fighting within these limitations. Our Federation and different Associations are doing exactly that. Let us not give up.


Comment: Dear Mr Chavan,
We congratulate you and your entire team for your untiring efforts. Your achievements inspire us to keep on struggling for justice for pensioners.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 10-09-2014 12:22 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases-Salil Kumar Ghosh
Mr.T Jayakrishnan-7th.BPs-Just after posting my observation I learnt from the residence of Mr.Salil Ghosh that he is admitted to R.N.Tagore(Devi Shetty) hospital for a heart procedure(stent/balloon/or whatever else it may be) and is likely to be released within this week.Since it is close to my house I might visit him today or tomorrow.In an earlier post I had suggested that if SBI goes on appeal to the Supreme Court we the 7th.BPs. might contribute some amounts for Mr.Ghosh to continue the court case on his return from the Hospital.It will have to be a voluntary contribution.Think it over.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
If need be, pensioners should contribute in different ways to keep Shri Salil Ghosh, well and also his case alive. No other financial assistance will be required. We from our Association are in touch with him. Thanks for your concern and gesture.
The case in Delhi High Court will automatically cover the deprived pensioners of 7th Bipartite retirees too. We have already collected funds for that. let us not give up.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 10-09-2014 12:04 pm:

 7th.BPs-Court cases
Mr.T .Jayakrishnan-your post of the 9th.September 2014-Yes, as in Madras High Court where a group of 7th.BPs filed the case,similarly in Kerala High Court.But in Bengal it is not possible for a group of Bengalis to band together because each will be pulling the other down but one pensioner Mr. Salil Kumar Ghosh has filed a similar case and got an order from a single Judge bench of Calcutta High Court but the GOI/SBI have file an appeal in the CJ+1 Judge division bench and it is being prolonged by GOI/SBI for the last two years.But as you suggest the PenFed has filed a case but it is not 7th.BP specific and is due on the 25th.September 2014.But it may not be effective,if at all, from the date of retirement for the 7th.BPs.Let us await the 25th.September 2014 in the Delhi High Court.But then,there is an appeal for SBI/GOI in the Supreme Court which will delay matters.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
We do not agree with your comments on pensioners of Bengal. Pensioners of Bengal have proved time and again, their will and urge for fighting for legitimate rights. We are sure they will continue to do so.
We do not agree also with your observation that the case due for hearing in the Delhi High Court Div. Bench (transferred from Supreme Court) on 25th Sept., 2014, will not yield any benefit to the deprived pensioners of 7th Bipartite. The petition of the Fed has asked for one simple relief. Pension @ 50% of average salary drawn by pensioner. 7th Bipartite was specifically not mentioned in the petition, for otherwise the case would have been immediately dismissed, as the same matter was already pending in different High Courts. But the relief will obviously benefit them in a big way.
We request you to refrain from spreading any negativity or cynicism about the plight of pensioners, come what may. Let us not stop hoping.

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 09-09-2014 8:29 pm:

 COURT CASES – A SUGGESTION - Mr. Sujoy Ghosh's reply
Mr. Sujay Ghosh

Thanks for your kind reply. What I suggested was only a suggestion only to avoid inconvenience/delay for the litigants. I understand the problems that is like to take place.

I am also aware that whenever few persons file a case (as test case - as in the case of Madras High court by some SBI Pensioners/33 LIC Pensioners) the amount will be negligible for the management. But if the same is filed by PENSIONERS' FEDERATION/ASSOCIATION it will be a sizeable amount.

But if the political/judicial will is there, a solution can be found out.
Comment: Dear Mr Jayakrishnan,
If needed, the Federation will definitely considering impleading themselves as party to various cases. If this strengthens the cases, the Federation should not hesitate taking such an approach. This is likely to be decided upon in the forthcoming meeting of the Fed at Vizag.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 09-09-2014 2:45 pm:

 Court cases
Mr.Jayakrishnan T V-your post of 08.09.2014.The Supreme Court order relates to Criminal cases where the liberty of the undertrials are curtailed because of the pendency of the cases where the State is the prosecuting agency with the investigating/police authortities and the tardiness of the State impinges on the Constitutional right of the citizen and so bail has been ordered with T&Cs.But in Civil cases it is dealt with differently and only in deserving cases in money suits and Taxation cases there are instances of deposit of a percentage of the amount involved.e.g Sahara case-the accused has been asked to deposit a certain amount to avail bail.In our case it is the adjournment syndrome which the Govt.is using to delay/prevent matters to come to a logical conclusion You may refer to my post of 08.09.2014 unless you already have.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks a lot for your clarifications.

bharat bhushan wrote at 09-09-2014 1:31 pm:

 pension issue
updation of pension is key and ultimately banefit to working staff
Comment: Dear mr Bhushan,
We are hopeful about the introduction of updation in the banking industry, as it is being considered in RBI. Let us hope for the best.

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 08-09-2014 8:12 pm:

Very recently Supreme Court of India has ordered release of under trials if they have completed half the period mandated for the crime subject to some terms and conditions.

Following the same principles, I put forth a suggestion which may be highlighted in the appropriate forum. Whenever a high court gives a verdict giving some monetary benefits to an individual or group of persons, if the other party has to make an appeal in Supreme Court of India he has to deposit 50 % of the claim amount in the court. If such a rule is implemented, I feel that most of the cases filed by persons/firms/ companies/PSUs/Govt. Departments who want to drag the cases will try to get justice at an early date without protracting the legal process (by filing inappropriate/incomplete affidavits, drag the cases by asking for adjournments again and again, etc).

Of course this cannot be applied to property or other disputes.
Comment: Dear Mr Jayakrishnan,
Such a step, although welcome for all citizens, may not be applicable for civil matters like our court cases. Thanks for your concern and suggestion.

SujoyGhosh wrote at 08-09-2014 4:46 pm:

 Mediclaim policy
Mr.Arun Kumar Das-your post of the 8th.September 2014.You may contact any of the PSI companies for their Varishta mediclaim polcies.If within age limit you may prefer the general mediclaim policy.PSIs have copayment of 10% whereas Star health has 30%.Go online and compare mediclaim policies T&Cs and other factors.Sujoy Ghosh

SujoyGhosh (Website) wrote at 08-09-2014 4:33 pm:

Mr.Rohit Sharma-Your post of the 4th.September 2014.I have been away and then into a nursing home.From the 1st.of this month I am home.Yes,unfortunately the lawyers community is too powerful even for the present PM.The adjournement syndrome in the Courts is a sickness enabling the legal community to thrive.I had addressed the issue to the PM soon after he took charge.But he is as helpless as us despite the CJI having brought up the issue a few months back.It does not suit anybody's palate!We have to suffer in silence till our end.But we can always nurture hopes. In criminal case the Supreme Court has ordered release of criminals if they have served half the period mandated for the crime t&c applies.But the adjournment syndrome will have the last laugh!!But at least a positive step is in the offing.Sujoy Ghosh

arun chandra das wrote at 08-09-2014 9:27 am:

 choose of mediclaim policy.
as per your comment you suggest me for obtain a mediclaim policy.now-a-days there is more and more mediclaim policy.what co.policy is suggest for me,please help.

arun chandra das wrote at 07-09-2014 11:37 am:

 not apply for sbi REMBS
i am retired from adb berhampore (WB)(3914) on 31.10.2012 as sr.spl.asstt.but at that time i could not apply for sbi retired employees' medical benefit scheme for unforeseen reasons.now i want to be a member of that scheme whether i can get this facility, if so, how ?
Comment: Dear Arun,
You could have become a member of REMBS had you completed the formalities including depositing the lump sum required, within 3 months of your retirement. It is not possible now; We suggest that you protect yourself and your family members from risks of illness, by obtaining a mediclaim policy.

R.Parthasarathy wrote at 06-09-2014 5:59 pm:

 X Bipartite meet
It is also informed that MOF officials will meet IBA officials on the 08th of this month, ahead of the date of negotiations. We hope that IBA will be given definite instructions for an early settlement of all issues including pension updation which figures in the AIBEA agenda prominently. We hope that Mr.C.H.Venkatachalam will clinch the issue for the pensioners.

N.Subramanian (Website) wrote at 06-09-2014 12:40 pm:

 Wage settlement
I come to know that IBA has invited all the Bank Employees Federations for wage settlement negotiations and the date fixed is 17 09 14. Source of Infn. My brother working in Andhra Bank. The question now is how the issues relating to our Bank Pensioners are going to be placed before IBA and our PENFED going to take up with our Working Staff Fedn for finding out a solution to the problems of our Bank Pensioners.In the negotions I am sure 7th Bp retirees problems will not be discussed as it is peculiar to our Bank only.
Dear Mr Subramanian,
You are right in your conclusions. For a change, the UFBU has included the demands of pensioners, in their charter of demands. IBA had responded earlier by saying that they would calculate the monetary outlay involved. Let us wait for the outcome of the forthcoming negotiations. There is still a very big gap between the offer of IBA and the demands of UFBU, as regards the percentage of hike in wages.

Raj Kumar Negi wrote at 05-09-2014 7:12 pm:

 office bearers
I shall be glad if you please advise the procedure for the running of the unit.
1. The General secretary expired , Dy General secretary should officiate as General Secretary, till the next election.or some thing else.
2. The president after resign should be appointed/nominated as General secretary
and Vice president should be nominated as President.
Please advise me the next course of action

Comment: Dear Mr Negi,

We are not sure whether you are seeking our suggestion for an Unit, having a Bye Laws & Rules of the Association, or it i for a Circle Association guided by laid down Rules.

By convention, the Asstt. Gen. Secy or Dy Gen Secy can function as and perform the role of Gen Secy, in the absence or death of the Gen Secy. The question of the President stepping down and the Vice President getting nominated as President, should not arise.

However, the office bearers can be changed among existing office bearers, through a meeting of the Managing Committee or Working Committee or Governing Body, and the vacancy caused by death of one existing office bearer, can be filled up by coopting a general member, provided such an action is not prohibited by the Bye Laws & Rules.

Rohit Sharma wrote at 04-09-2014 9:13 pm:

 7th B.P. V.R.S.
Dear Mr. Sujoy Ghosh,

1. Well, i am grateful that you have responded to appease the anxieties of so many persons like me.

2. The reasons for such delay still remains a mystery.

3. Lets see how many more days will we survive this genocide of the bank and the govt bureaucrats.

4. Keep positing news. I do really thank you for remembering me.


S.K. Misra (Lucknow Circle) wrote at 04-09-2014 9:13 pm:

 Identity Card for Pensioners
Some one may advise what are existing instructions for issuance of I Card for pensioners, whom and where be contacted for this purpose.
Comment: Dear Mr Misra,
The instruction till 2009, was to issue a folding Identity card, with the pensioner's photo on the 1st inside page, and the spouse's photo on the back cover. This was to be countersigned by the AGM (PPG) at LHO.
However, the current instruction is for the pension paying branch to issue a single page Identity card, which is to be authenticated by the branch manager and need not be countersigned by AGM (PPG) at LHO.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 04-09-2014 12:15 pm:

 7th.BPs and Salil Ghosh
Mr.Rohit-Your post of the 15th.August 2014.No date has yet been fixed for hearing at the Division Bench of Calcutta High Court.Sujoy Ghosh

Jayakrishnan T V wrote at 02-09-2014 8:14 pm:

I think someone is posting unwanted and unwarranted mails in this forum. I am sure that this form is for discussing/disclosing pensioners' problems and more so for SBI pensioners.

I think you removed it.
Comment: Dear Mr Jayakrishnan,

You are absolutely right. There have been attempts, though rare, in the past too, to use this site for promoting or advertising products and services. We can only delete such posts, and discourage our members from acting upon any such claims. We are conscious of our duty to keep this site unpolluted.
Thanks for your advice.

N.Subramanian (Website) wrote at 02-09-2014 10:18 am:

 Dedn of TDS/refund of wrongful dedn made
The matter may suitably be taken up with CSPPC so that the revised IT exemption limit is incorporated in their software to ensure that no wrongful deductions towards TDS are made atleast from September onwards. Regarding deductions made even now it is not late to incorporate the change in the software and run it to identify the excess recoveris recoveries made on account of IT and can be refunded.If there is a will there is a way. It is just the matter of fixing parameters only the other things the system will take care.Even though it does not arise in my case I request the Fedn to pursue the matter with CSPPC.
Comment: Dear Mr Subramanian,
We agree with you entirely.

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