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suresh chhatre PF no 1330381 wrote at 23-04-2014 10:42 pm:

 Family Pension advice
Family pension advice menu has since been revised. Sir, I discussed this point with our leader at Pune. Those who have retired after 1/11/2007 have received their FP advice properly, but those who retired prior to 1/11/2007 , many of them have not received FP advice, or received with incorrect information. We discussed this point with AGM PPG Mumbai circle and arrived at correct menu to bring out FM advices of all pensioners retired prior to 1/11/2007. Menu as follows SBI times-----Mumbai Circle or your circle---PPG Deptt.----Pension----simretired before 1/11/2007----here you will all branches in your circle with br code ---click on your pension paying br code , you will find here all the pensioners FP advices who have retired prior to 1//11/2007. Take a print out verify it and if there is any discrepancy immediately point out to your circles PPG Deptt and get it rectified.


V k Arora wrote at 23-04-2014 9:33 am:

 Delhi High Court Case
Mr Ghosh. May we all know what deficiencies you have found in our Federation Petition as you have said " Let us not be too hopeful because of the nature of the federation petition and the relief sought".
I shall appericiate comments of the Association also.
Comment: Dear Mr. Arora,
Our Federation's petition seeks a simple and basic relief : 50% of last average basic salary drawn, is to be the Basic pension.
We shall comment further, after getting the views of Sujoy, in this regard.

suresh chhatre PF no 1330381 wrote at 22-04-2014 8:23 pm:

 Family Pension advice
Sir, Yes I am talking about family pension advice, Menu for obtaining FM advice is given on the site of our Mumbai circle site and they have corrected it today after my query
Comment: Dear Mr, Chhatre,

We are glad that your problem has been resolved. Do keep in touch with us.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 22-04-2014 11:52 am:

 Delhi High Court case on Federation petition
Mr.V.K.Arora-your post of 22.04.2014--If I am not mistaken no new documents were to be furnished at Delhi High Court by either party.After the final hearing, may be over more than two/three days a date will be fixed for the order.If the order favours either party,the other party may go to the Supreme Court on appeal and final order.If the order of the SC is in favour of either party then that is the end of the story because this is not such a case which warrants a review like the LGBT case at SC which is going to be reviewed in open court by a Constitution Bench after the decree of the two judge bench of the same court.Let us have hope but let us not be too hopeful because of the nature of the Federation petition and the relief sought for.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for your comments, which coincide with our observations.

V k Arora wrote at 22-04-2014 11:31 am:

 Delhi High Court Fixed for Final Hearing
Our case has been fixed for final hearing on 25/09/2014. Does it mean that verdict will be pronounced on the basis of this hearing only and no further date will be given for defence to finance ministry/RBI/SBI.Pl. enlighten. If that be the case it is encouraging as I am very optimistic about a favourable verdict.If it happens can they go to Supreme Court which has referred the case to High Court after keeping/hearing for a pretty long time.
Comment: Dear Mr. Arora,
Your queries are very valid and rational. Although no one can predict the verdicts of the judiciary, we are hopeful that regular hearing of our case will commence on 25th Sept, 2014, We are, however disappointed, like pensioners all over the country, over the long gap. On 17th April, our counsel was asked by the two lady judges, as to what time we would take to complete our arguments. He said it will be over on that day itself. Then the counsels of Govt and Bank were asked, and they created the problem by asking for time.
The aggrieved party will be at liberty to go on appeal to Supreme Court. Our advantage is that the top court had already heard the case for about 2 years, and their notings are there in the files. Let us hope for the best.

suresh chhatre PF no 1330381 wrote at 21-04-2014 7:18 pm:

 Family Pension advice

For obtaining family pension advice our site has provided a path on our site, but

it appears to be old and not workable or may have changed.

Family pension advice is an important document , you are requested to provide a correct path .

suresh chhatre pf 1330381
Comment: Dear Mr Chhatre,
Are you referring to the Family Pension Sanction advice ? We have not given any website or portal address to obtain it. It is issued by the PPG Deptt of the respective Circle.
If you are talking about the monthly Pension/Family Pension slip or statement, we have given the address of the bank's special portal for pensioners. This is correct and valid.

PRIYA BRATA CHAKRABARTI (Website) wrote at 20-04-2014 4:11 pm:

Apex leadership of bank retirees finalise the text of common memoradum of the demands of bank retirees

The apex leadership of three organisations of Retirees in the Banking Sector viz. All India Bank Pensioners & Retirees Confederation, All India Bank Retirees’ Federation and Federation of SBI Pensioners’ Associations met together at New Delhi on 16th April, 2014 to finalise the text of a common memorandum on the demands of the Retirees. After a threadbare discussion, the memorandum was finalized and signed Sarbashree S.R. Sengupta, S.C. Jain and P.P.S. Murthy.

It was decided in the meeting that the copy of the memorandum along with a forwarding letter signed by all the organisations would be sent immediately to the Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Banking Department, Government of India, the Chairman, Indian Banks Association, the Convener of United Forum of Bank Unions and also to the constituent organisations belonging to UFBU.
Comment: Dear Priyabrata,

Please address your messages with a beginning, and not as a news item. After all, this page is meant for posts to be submitted by the readers. You will notice this in all posts submitted by other pensioners. You will also notice that we have also uploaded a news report in the Current News page of our website.

R PARTHASARATHY wrote at 20-04-2014 8:59 am:

 Pensioners coming together
Another interesting development:

Ref: AIBRF Cir. No. Ref: 2014/87 18.04.2014 addressed to the Office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/ State Body Chiefs A.I.B.R.F is reproduced here under for information:-

"Dear Sir,
We were making efforts to submit joint memorandum / appeal on the important and common demands of the retirees on behalf of three main retiree organisations operating in the banking industry namely,
All India Bank Retirees’ Federation (AIBRF),
Federation of SBI Pensioners Associations and
All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation
to the government and other concerned authorities to show the unity among bank retirees and to work unitedly to achieve them. We wish to inform you that we have finalised the joint memorandum and signed it along with the above referred two retiree organisations at Delhi on 16th April 2014. The same will be submitted to Banking Secretary, IBA and UFBU and further joint follow-up will be done as and when needed . It is an important move towards developing coordination among retiree organisations. "

It is very good to see that we are all getting united.
Comment: Dear Mr. Parthasarathy,
Thanks for sharing the news. This is the culmination of an initiative taken at Kolkata, by leaders of the three bodies, based on 3 common demands among retirees in the banking industry :
1. Automatic updation of pension with each Bipartite Wage Settlement.
2. Flat 30% Family Pension
3. 100% DR neutralization.
This is also the beginning of an effort to directly negotiate with IBA on behalf of all Bank retirees.

R PARTHASARATHY wrote at 19-04-2014 7:57 am:

 pension updation and discriminated pre-2002 pensioners
It is very clear that the judicial system in our country is so outdated that it has almost lost its relevance to a majority of the weak and poor sections of the society. The way the cases of the senior citizen pensioner are being handled would suggest a total absence of human perspective. When, how and who will revamp the archaic legal system in this country is the big issue today.
The main hope for us now is the way the employees' Federations approach the demands raised in the X bipartite settlement. We have to thank Mr.Venkatachalam for taking up the issues of the pensioners with seriousness. We hope that he will be suucessful.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 18-04-2014 2:14 pm:

 7th.BPs and Delhi High Court case
Yes,soon after my post I checked with Mumbai Circle-Pune and it was stated as 25th.September 2014 and the Kerala and Madras High Court cases transferred to the Supreme Court are on the 18th.July 2014.To refresh,these two court's cases had been decided by single benches in favour of the pensioners.Calcutta High Court case-Salil Kumar Ghosh- continues to be in limbo.Sujoy Ghosh

R PARTHASARATHY wrote at 18-04-2014 7:38 am:

 Pension updation
An interesting message from the LIC Pensioners Chronicle:
Pension Upgradation

At long last, Government accorded in principle approval for updation of pension with certain conditonalities which is a positive and encouraging development.

The proposals are as under:
1. Pension updation once in 10 years as in Government,
2. Pension to be computed on pay and grade pay as in
Government ( this will require amendment to Pension Regulations),
3. Revision of pay scales once in 10 years,
4. All perks to be rationalised,
5. Pension option to be opened alongside.
This is a packageThe Forum expressed their reservations and apprehensions. There is at present stalemate. Our Association sought audience with Shri R L Das, CGM, HRDM, for an update, on 19-03-2014. It emerged from the discussions that Govt. has accepted in principle that there is need for updation in RBI and the pension is expected to be aligned with the revision of pay scales effective from 1-11-2012 which is expected to result in same rank same pension. This information will be simulated. CGM also indicated that RBI can act within the provisions of RBI ACT, to take care of any misalignment with the Govt. salary and the Banking industry. CGM also told that the GOVERNOR was instrumental in breaking the ice on updation which was eluding for 6 long years.

CGM also assured that representatives of our Association will be invited for discussions on matters concerning pensioners / retirees whenever occasion arises.
unquote. RBI Goverenor is really trying to help out the RBI staff and pensioners. We feel sorry that not even one Chairman is there in the entire banking sector to stand up for their colleagues.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 17-04-2014 8:18 pm:

Today the 17th.April 2014 the Delhi High Court case of the Pensioners federation was supposed to have come up.Was anyone from the Federation present at the Court?If so the status of the Case may please be posted on this site.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
According to brief reports reaching us, the case has today been listed for final hearing. According to subsequent unconfirmed reports, the next date is 25th Sept, 2014.

Arunabha Das wrote at 17-04-2014 6:48 pm:

 Anamoly : Pension Date
In the news/notice "Dates of Pension during April 2014 to March 2015" it mentioned that the date for pension in April is 26th instant. Whereas as per footnote it is 25th
- which one is the correct ? Please rectify & inform.
Comment: Dear Arunabha,

Thank you very much for pointing out this error. We sincerely apologize for having unwittingly created this confusion.
April is 25th like 8 other months. May is 26th, like Dec. Jan is 24th.
The information in the footnote is correct. We have made the c\necessary correction in the listed dates. Thank you once again.

Mihir Kumar Das wrote at 15-04-2014 1:09 am:

 Sudden demise of Shri Antim Gobinda Das, Dist. Secretary, U/Dinajpur Dist. Unit
Respected Sir,
Today I am neither writing here any suggestion nor any criticism. Today I am with deep sorrow going to inform you that
Shri Antim Gobinda Das our Dist. Secretary,Uttar Dinajpur Dist Unit has passed away on 13th. April,2014 at about 9-45pm with a massive heart attack. He even gave no chance for any treatment. He left away his family consisting his wife Smt. Shukla Das, Shri Arup Das, son, his daughter-in-law and grandson. I convey my deep condolence to the bereaved family and pray to the Almighty to keep his Soul in peace and rest.

Mihir Kumar Das.
Comment: Dear Mihir,
We join you in expressing our heartfelt condolence at this shocking news. May his soul rest in peace.

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 14-04-2014 10:02 pm:

Our was preceded by a Pensioners' Meet which was preside over by Shri Saha,Chief Manager Rampurhat Branch; representative of SBIOA was also present. In our meeting Secretaries report with statement of accounts were unanimously adopted. An Auditor was appointed. New Committee was elected unanimously. The was meeting was addressed by S/Shri Dipti Dutta, ASST.Zonal Secretary SBIPA,Burdwan Zone, Somen Choudhury,Asok Datta,Governing Body Members, Dipak Basu Vice-President, R.N.Banerjee General Secretary. Out of 80 members & 18 Associate members 78 members were present
Comment: Dear Dipak,
Thanks for posting a further update on the Pensioners' Meet & AGM of SBIPA at Rampurhat. We shall post a news on this event, in this website.

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 14-04-2014 9:50 pm:

Sorry to inform sudden death of Shri Antim Gobinda Das, Secretary, SBIPA, Uttar Dianajpur District yesterday night. We have no words to express our sorrow for the trgic death of Shri Das. We pray to the Almighty to imbibe his family the necessary determination to win over this grim situation of Life

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 14-04-2014 9:43 pm:

Sorry to inform sudden death of Shri Antim Gobinda Das, Secretary, SBIPA, Uttar Dianajpur District yesterday night. We have no words to express our sorrow for the trgic death of Shri Das. We pray to the Almighty to imbibe his family the necessary determination to win over this grim situation of Life
Comment: Dear Dipak,
This is indeed a very tragic setback for Antim Gobinda's family and for our Association. We offer our sincere condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

Dipak Kumar Basu wrote at 14-04-2014 2:53 pm:

The 4th Annual General Meeting of Rampurhat Composite Unit held
yesterday. The meeting was attended by Sri R.N.Banerjee,Gen Secretary,
Sri Dipak Basu,Vice President, Sri Ashoke Dutta, Sri Swapan Majumdar,
Sri Somendra Kumar Choudhuri, GB Members from Circle Association and
Sri Dipti Dutta, Asst Zonal Secy, Sri Harisadhan Pal, Zonal Treasurer
and Sri Bidyut Modak, Zonal Comm Member from Burdwan Zonal Committee.
Apart from this the meeting was attended by members from Suri and
Bolpur Units also. Majority of the Unit members participated in the
meeting to make it successful.

p.s. I tried a number of times to upload this post in the website of
our Association (Readers write here) but failed. The objection shown
is " you have entered a wrong antispam code". Would you please look
into the matter ?
Comment: Dear Dipak,
Thanks for the message posted by you. It has got correctly uploaded and reached the readers. Please furnish some more data, like the number of members present, whether a Pensioners Meet was also held in the first half, if the 2 serving employees Associations were represented, who was there from Banks side, a gist of the deliberations, etc, so that we may upload a news of the event. Thanks for writing.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 14-04-2014 2:48 pm:

 Family pension
I am a S B I pensioner from Chennai Circle.The sanction letter conveying the sanction of family pension states that family pension is sanctioned payable to eligible member at the appropriate time as per extant instructions with out mentioning the name of my spouse.I understand at present family pension is beeing sanctioned in the name of the spouse.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 14-04-2014 2:46 pm:

 Family pension
I am a S B I pensioner from Chennai Circle.The sanction letter conveying the sanction of family pension states that family pension is sanctioned payable to eligible member at the appropriate time as per extant instructions with out mentioning the name of my spouse.I understand at present family pension is beeing sanctioned in the name of the spouse.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 14-04-2014 2:43 pm:

 Family pension
I am a S B I pensioner from Chennai Circle.The sanction letter conveying the sanction of family pension states that family pension is sanctioned payable to eligible member at the appropriate time as per extant instructions with out mentioning the name of my spouse.I understand at present family pension is beeing sanctioned in the name of the spouse.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 14-04-2014 2:42 pm:

 Family pension
I am a S B I pensioner from Chennai Circle.The sanction letter conveying the sanction of family pension states that family pension is sanctioned payable to eligible member at the appropriate time as per extant instructions with out mentioning the name of my spouse.I understand at present family pension is beeing sanctioned in the name of the spouse.

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 14-04-2014 1:00 pm:

 Family Pension Advice refer to my Letter dt 13.04.2014
Dear Sir ,
It might be that above advice was sent to me but lost in transit.transit. However , My P.F. No. is 1110403 and request u to send me at my B.P.Township ,Kolkata 700094 address where now I am permanently residing.Thank U .

S.K Misra (Lucknow Circle) wrote at 13-04-2014 9:41 pm:

 SBI Pension Payment Dates 2014-15
Pen. Payment Dates 2014-15 25-Apr-2014
Comment: Dear Mr. Misra,

Thank you for your update. We have already posted the list of the pension payment dates on our website. Please keep writing.

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 13-04-2014 2:35 pm:

 Staff Accounts (SB/CA/TDRS/STDRS) Without PF Number withdrawal of Staff Interest Rate
Staff Rate of Interest--As per Bank’s instruction the payment of interest on staff rate has been blocked if your Provident Fund index No. is not recorded. Please ensure that your Provident Fund index No. is recorded in the CIF of your accounts in the Bank to avoid denial of Staff Rate of interest on your account(s).

We have uploaded the Bank’s instruction, which you can view/download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle) official website: http://www.sbipensionerschd.com/

Udayan Dasgupta wrote at 13-04-2014 2:07 pm:

 Family Pension-SBI ELDERS VOICE
Thank u for this valuable Knowledge & suggestion.
Further I draw kind attention of our Union Leaders to take the matter with our Management so that this circular is effectively implemented and the Advice of the sanction of revised family pension could be circulated to all concern members for their family members' information.
Comment: Dear Udayan,

The revised Family Pension advice for the 7th, 8th and 9th Bipartite retirees, i.e. those retiring from Nov 1997 onwards, till Oct 2012, have, been sent by the respective PPG Deptt.s. There are exceptions, specially for some in respect of whom the Family Pension is getting reduced after revision. There are some others who have still not received these advices. We are following up with the PPG Deptt. on this and other issues, on a regular basis. If there are instances of non receipt of such advices, please let us know, with your PF Index numbers.

Raghunathan.T wrote at 13-04-2014 1:09 pm:

 Family pension
"All those retired after 1996 should be in receipt of the sanction letter conveying the ssnction of both their pension and family pension.Consequent of the revision of pension vide Corporate Centre Circular
No: CDO/P&HRD/PM/62/2007-08 dated 28-01-2008, the advice of the sanction of revised pension should have been communicated to each pensioner .Those who have not received the revised family pension advice are required to contact their pension paying Branch and Chief Manager (PPG) LHO.The Advice of the sanction of pension and family pension should be kept safely informing the family members the place where all these papers and other important documents are kept.


Comment: Dear Mr Raghunathan,

Thanks for your post. Advices of revision of Family Pension for all retirees from Nov 1997 onwards, have already been sent by the respective PPG Deptts. Exceptions are those instances where revision is reducing the Family Pension. Some other advices may not have reached the recorded addresses. They should contact PPG Deptt and the Association, for help.

SUJIT KUMAR SANYAL wrote at 10-04-2014 8:47 pm:

 List of SBI Pension Payment Date
Respected Sir, I shall be glad if you will kindly supply me the SBI Pension date during the period from April 2014 to March 2015
Comment: Dear Sujit,
Please wait for an upload in this regard, on this website, which will be made as soon as the Bank issues the instruction.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 10-04-2014 12:38 pm:

Mr.Salil Ghosh Had visited the HC yesterday-a Wednesday-and the case was listed for the day.A Lawyer had gone off to meet his maker(without casting his vote this and further elections!!! what a loss for whoever is going to lose!) and so the HC did not function yesterday.Such cases are taken up on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays.Mr.Ghosh has gone to the Court today and tomorrow being a Friday let us see what the good Lord has in store for us.I will know tonight.Keep your fingers crossed!.Sujoy Ghosh

Rohit Sharma wrote at 09-04-2014 4:28 pm:

 Mr Salil Ghosh's Court Case,
There is no news about Mr Salil Ghosh's court case. Please do update us in this context. Thanks.
Comment: Dear Rohit,
The hearing in the Calcutta High Court case Div Bench was completed several months back. But judgement was reserved, initially because of the illness of the Chief Justice (one of the two Judges in the Bench), and subsequently because of some mysterious reason....perhaps illness of the judicial system.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 08-04-2014 1:01 pm:

 Pensioners and PF number
Mr.P.C.Mudi-your post of the 7th.April 2014 may be well meant but quite impractical,in my opinion.When pension account is opened it is mainly at the nearest branch on retirement residence but there can always be a change of residence subsequently,for various reasons,and subsequent deposits may be necessitated for whatever reason, in which case the new deposit account may be opened at the then nearest Branch which is not the pension paying Branch.Thus quoting the PF number at the Non-pension Branch should not be difficult.The Bank may ask for it for several reasons particularly about the person being a SBI pensioner.Carry your SBI pensioners ID with you at all times which would also have the PF number.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for your well thought suggestion. We need not be militant in these situations.

PS Nayyar wrote at 07-04-2014 1:43 pm:

 Treating Pensioners as Staff
Mr P C Mudi

A pensioner served the Bank for 35-40 years, transfd more than 2 dozen times. First manual, Bank Master, then CBS. Implications of multiplicity of system changes and transfers impacted savings a/cs. Bank issued STDR with Staff status printed on it, should hv ensured prior linking. Law and practice require continuity with same status. How come suddently with these instrctions when they retired, scattered all over the globe. Moreover all the data available with the Bank, Bank can link PF No with a/cs as it may deem. Pensioners being on the last leg of their lives, have no role in it except providing information where required. 'One time trouble' is not relevent for them. These are short to medium term deposits and may be withdrawn as they need. Branches got their own priorities, do not pay much heed to pensioners.

Comment: Dear Mr Nayyar,
Kindly appreciate the reality. Whether it is wrongful stoppage of pension because of non uploading of submitted life certificates or non application of staff rates because of non linking of PF No, Bank is responsible, but so are we. Organisationally we may demand that the Bank ensures this. But individually, we should not fight shy of extending our cooperation.

P C MUDI wrote at 07-04-2014 11:58 am:

  PF number for staff rate against TDR
Mr.Ghosh & Mr.Nayar ,

To meet the demand/requirements of the Bank, you may think of concentrating all the accounts at the pension paying branch to eliminate any possibility of being treated non-staff and thereby loosing preferential rate of interest on such deposits. One time trouble will take care of all future changes , if any, in the future.
Comment: Dear Mr Mudi,
Your suggestion is valid and helpful. Thanx a lot.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 04-04-2014 5:07 pm:

 PF number for staff rate against TDR
Mr.Nayyar and Mr.Thakare--The PF number is available at the PPG dept.at the LHO but it is the Branch which is issuing the TDR and that section may not have the PF number at it's node which may be available at the validating officers level who may be sitting elsewhere.Now that I have come to kinow of this I will have to check whether I have been given the Staff rate in addition to the SC rate.I was not aware of that instruction.Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
You are right in trying to reason out the causes of this situation. Its in our own interest that we must ensure that PF No is linked to our accounts and we are not deprived of higher staff rates as also Senior citizen rates.

B H THAKARE wrote at 03-04-2014 9:35 pm:

 post by PS Nayyar at 03-04-2014 9:09 pm:
I fully support the views which has been put by mr. Nayar as he mentioned every thing is correct. Once The account is opened as staff account with the identity of P F No. why bank is insisting to provide the details like P F no. /Pan card No, etc. It is harassment to old age pensioners.
as Mr.nayar stated in his post all the information is available with PPG department.
Comment: Dear Mr. Thakare,
We share your concern and anxiety over the issue. But if the Bank is trying to pass on the responsibility to pensioners, we have to tackle it organizationally. Where however, we ourselves have not furnished some important data, while opening the account, we should do it urgently in our own interest.

PS Nayyar wrote at 03-04-2014 9:09 pm:

 Treating Pensioners as Staff
Dear Sir

The Bank reduced additional intt given to Sr Citizens from 0.5 to 0.25%. Recently Bank instructed that unless PF No is linked to Deposit a/cs before 1.2.2014, Staff benefit will not be given. Bank got all the details, Bank may link PF No to Deposit a/cs of pensioners. What role Pensioner got in it except giving needed information. Pensioners r holding Deposits marked as Staff, Bk converts them to public. When we retired invariably we had overdrafts in Current a/cs. Now Bank is not changing pension a/cs from Current to SB, for the reason, it will be done at Kolkata and other problems. ATM charges and ATM decline .. charges are debited to pensioners' a/cs due to system fault & not refunded by the Bank. All these, inflict insult apart from financial loss to pensioners. Matter may be taken up at bipartite forum for resolution.

PS Nayyar
PF No 874566
Comment: Dear Mr Nayyar,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. We share your concern.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 02-04-2014 7:36 pm:

 Use of ATMs
Mr.N.J.Chavan-this refers to your post of 02.04.2014.I understand that use of other Bank's ATM,other than the parent bank of the account holder is free for limits of per withdrawal and number of transactions per month at the non-parent Bank of the account holder.I have not come across any change in that arrangement.Kindly clarify.How much does the Bank charge other Banks for the use of SBI ATM by the account holders of other Banks.What is the difference?Sujoy Ghosh



Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 01-04-2014 12:44 pm:

 7th.BPs and Pensioners of SBI
All of you may have read the news item in today's news papers-The Telegraph and The Times of India-1st.April 2014 of Kolkata Edition,elsewhere as well I am sure, about the pension parity of the judges.Lawyers who joined the Bench have been granted pension parity even though they may not have put in full service as Judges.This evidently has taken care of discrimination amongst the Judges.But where we have put in full period of service we have been severely discriminated against,specially the 7th.BPs the Sixth BPs and the 5th.BPS.whereas the 8th.BPs onwards will get much higher pension and consequent DA relief.The Pensioners federation may on this very ground of discrimination place an affidavit/appropriate petition in our pending case at Delhi High Court due on the 17th.April 2014.Can I get a response from the PenFed?Sujoy Ghosh
Comment: Dear Sujoy,
Thanks for your post. The case transferred to Delhi High Court seeks basically only one relief : grant of basic pension @ 50% of last average basic salary. The issue of updation n same rank same pay or pension, will have to be tackled separately. Also 30% FP for all.

Sudhir Suman Kumaria (Chandigarh Circle) wrote at 31-03-2014 8:24 pm:

 Pensioners’ Mail April-2014
We have uploaded the following file, which you can download from SBI Pensioners’ Association (Chandigarh Circle) official website:


Chandigarh Circles’ Monthly Bulletin Pensioners’ Mail for month of April 2014
Comment: Dear Sudhir,

Thanks once again. We trust that you and fellow pensioners from your circle view our website. Very recently, it was a pleasure to meet our circle.s former CGM, Mr Mukund, who came to attend the Federation GB meeting at Kolkata on 29th March.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 28-03-2014 11:02 pm:

Mr.Rohit Sharma-Your post of 28.03.2014.We are all in the same boat now,with the same hopes and sometimes the same disappointments and sometimes desperations.But as long as there is life there is hope.So Cheer up and cheers with the nectar that cheers.Sujoy Ghosh

Rohit Sharma. wrote at 28-03-2014 9:25 pm:

 7th B.P. Pesnioners.
Dear Mr Sujoy Ghosh,

1. Well, sir, this is what i had read on one of the web pages when i surfed for pension rules of sbi.

2. What i was trying to suggest is that if N.P.S was introduced in 2004 and this strike featured later in 2006 and the matter of pension was resolved then could it not have been possible for the active Fed. to have an hindsight and have had such privileges extended to the past retirees too? Well, i do not have much to add as i was just a petty award staff member and i had though that my future would be taken care of by my respected trade union leaders. I hope that before I die the bank and the G.o.I. does concur to raise the desolate living standards of pensioners like me whose pension has been pegged at Rs. 3250 basis pension per month.

3. I am much grateful to you sir for infusing hopes in us.


Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 27-03-2014 2:31 pm:

Mr.Rohit Sharma-Your post of 25.03.2014-- Did the SBI Pen.Fed. not know of this clause when they filed the petition and is this incorporated in the petition?And by 1.04.2004 the National Pension Scheme was introduced in the Bank.How does this reflect on what you have stated?It would be interesting to know the response to this.Sujoy Ghosh

R PARTHASARATHY wrote at 27-03-2014 8:37 am:

 Pension updation
In the RBI Pesnsioners' website, the below mentioned information is found:

Quote:As per the circular issued on 19th March 2014 by UFRBOE, they conveyed their unacceptability to Bank about the M/o finance’s proposals to the Bank on updating the Pension.
the proposals are:
i ) updation will be granted once in every 10 years,
(ii) pension will be calculated on basic pay and “grade pay” without other pay components, as of now;
(iii) all perks will be rationalised“,
(iv) wage revisions’will take place once in 10 years, instead of the existing 5 years.
There was no mention of fresh pension option in the proposalsUnited forum had talks with DG(KCC), CGM and DGM of HRMD, and ED Shri Gandhi.
According to the circular ,the pension issue is comprising of updation of pension and fresh pension option and not frequency of wage revision / perks, which relates primarily to the banking sector and flows from various tribunals / arbitration awards and bipartite settlements as per lD Act;
Government‘s proposals in this regard are beyond their jurisdiction and is ‘unacceptable’.
“We have been demanding improvement of pension and not reduction thereof. We emphasized that updation of pension every 10 years will create many anomalies and differential treatments.”

“United Forum will react strongly through intensive agitations if interest of employees and retirees are adversely affected in the name of improvements” it is stated in the circular.
They also urged on the Bank to pursue the matter further with the Govt.
Unquote. We should be happy that that the topic of pension updation is getting more and more prominent. We have to remember that Mr.C.H.Venkatachalam has also said that the pensioners' demands will figure in the X Bipartite settlement talks.:-

P C MUDI wrote at 26-03-2014 11:49 am:

 L.R.VAID wrote at 25-03-2014 7:11 pm:
I have earlier proposed that the system of reimbursement of 1% p.a should made on the basis of "DECLARATION BY THE PENSIONER" on the lines of award-staff annual payment of medical allowance p.a . It is declared truth that domiciliary treatment-expenses invariably exceeds that amount of 1% p.a.The senior citizen cum pensioners should get relief of moving pillar to post to get reimbursement from the Bank IN TOKEN OF THE PENSIONERS PAST CONTRIBUTION TO SBI.
Comment: Dear Mr Mudi,

Please refer to our reply to Mr Vaid's query. The bill has to be submitted to the pension paying branch, which forwards it to the CM(HR) of the respective ZO. The bill is scrutinised and sent to the MO, who passes it. The payment is effected at ZO itself. The pensioner does not have to run from pillar to post.

Rohit Sharma. wrote at 25-03-2014 7:15 pm:

 7th B.P. VRS
Dear Mr Suzhou Ghosh,

1. There is a clause in such mention of the news about the strike in year 2006 which is quoted = up-gradation of basic pension of all past retirees taking into account the current merger of index at 2,288 points' does qualify not only the beneficiaries of 8th B.P. but to all the past retirees . This clause needs to be highlighted as a legal contention that vide such 8th B.R. those past retirees now living will too derive the benefits as confirmed and ratified vide by enforcement of the amendment done in pension rules through gazette notification.

2. Why is then the bank needs to have the G.O.I. to re-sanction such privileges to past retirees when such pension policy rules have lawfully and legally amended.

3. The employes seeking V.R. under the special scheme that the bank adopted which was made effective in all the banking industry whereby the New Pension Scheme was introduced and such privilege of calculating pension as on the basis of 50 % the last salary to all those employees who has achieved fifty years of age to retiree as per the new revised set up which was kept in abeyance while making a mention of payment of pension to such VRs employees on the per-revsied pension policy rules.

3. It is high time that the bank does Revise the per-revised pension slab that was applied in case of the retirees under VRS -2001 scheme or that would amount to criminal breach of trust.

4. The message was posted to know why the agreement of such pension revision be only be deemed to applicable to 8th b.S. employees and not to all past retirees. This akin to one rank one pension.


L.R.VAID wrote at 25-03-2014 7:11 pm:

Comment: Dear Mr Vaid,
The REMBS medical bills have to be submitted to the M.O. at Z.O. , through the Pension Paying Br, which simply forwards it to the respective CM(HR) at the ZO in question. The latter scrutinises it and sends it to the MO for passing. Thereafter payment is directly made to the pensioner, from ZO.

Sujoy Ghosh (Website) wrote at 24-03-2014 10:27 pm:

Mr.Rohit Sharma-24th.March 2014.Your report is very unclear.It seems that the 8th.BPs have been given that benefit and not the 7th.or 6th.and nor the 5th.BPs.And your report refers to the strike on the 3rd. April 2006 which was last year.Please clarify because the 1st.April of this year is still a few days away!!Sujoy Ghosh

Rohit Sharma. wrote at 24-03-2014 7:02 pm:

 7th B.P. VRS
SBI employees win battle on pension issue

Over 2 lakh employees of State Bank of India went on in an indefinite strike on April 3, 2006 on their long-standing demand of comprehensive review of the pension scheme. The strike in this largest bank of the country was total in all the 9,000 branches.

Finally, the central government conceded to the demands of the employees.

Main Demands and the Final Agreement

The main demands of striking SBI employees were – Pension at 50 per cent of the last drawn salary; commutation on par with industry; index-linked dearness allowance on pension on par with industry; and up-gradation of basic pension of all past retirees taking into account the current merger of index at 2,288 points.

According to this agreement, the fresh “cut-off” of basic pay for determining pension has been increased to Rs. 21,040 from Rs. 8,500. All employees earning a basic pay of Rs. 21,040 would get pension at 50% of that amount, while those earning above that level would get 40% for the incremental amount above Rs. 21,040 “subject to a minimum of 50% of Rs. 21,040.”

The Finance Minister's comment after the conclusion of the agreement that “the financial implications are within the financial capacity of SBI”

So, another confrontation with the government in the near future is in offing for the VRS 2001 employees too ?.

Rohit Sharma.
Comment: Dear Rohit,

You are right in hailing the 2006 strike. But the fact remains that over 30k 7th BP pensioners were deprived from getting 50% of their last average basic salary, as basic pension. They are still getting pension on their pre revised salary of 6th BP.

S K MEHROTRA wrote at 23-03-2014 12:03 pm:

 R E M S Reimbursement of 1% of medical limit
It is my presumtion that 1% of total medical limit is reimbursed for domicilary treatment would be debited from the total limit of medical benefit for which pensioner is entitle for example if my medical limit is Rs7 lac during our life time and avail Rs7000/- per year for 10 years so I can only avail the facility of Rs6,30,000/-for hospitilisation as I utilised Rs70,000/- for domicilary treatment
Comment: Dear Mr Mehrotra,
You are right but not fully. The amount of Rs 7000 per yr, may not be utilized fully or at all. Then such amounts will remain available for hospitalization.

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