We are a group of Pensioners and Family Pensioners of State Bank of India (and Imperial Bank of India), in Bengal Circle, united by the common objective of improving our retirement benefits, and removing anomalies and discrepancies in such matters. 

We have been functioning as a Registered Society, since over 30 years, trying to reach out to as many Pensioners of the Bank in Bengal Circle, as possible.  We organize meetings of our Association at Branches and other offices throughout the year, and also assist the Bank Management to hold Pensioners' Meets.  We publish a bulletin periodically, and circulate important news concerning the interests of the Pensioners. 

We have recently created this website, to reach out to those Pensioners who are comfortable with computers and who wish to maintain contact with us through the Internet.  

The picture given below, symbolises our lot.  Trees, fruits, flowers, water, and every essential resource are very near us, but yet, we do not find it easy to reach them.  Hence the formation of this collective body. 


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